Blaine drops hint about next stunt

June 23rd, 2009 | Joe Hadsall | Filed Under David Blaine

David Blaine’s Facebook page has been busy today — apparently, he’d like to ask you some questions. Among them:

  • Do you have an iPhone? (Funny… we didn’t see Justin Robert Young’s affirmative answer in the comments.)
  • Can you guess what his next stunt is going to be? It’s starting to come clear in his mind, and it is insane, according to posts on the page. Here’s another clue: “‘Here’s a riddle: No cage for me. can u guess what i’m training for, that’s assuming of course that they are still’-db” Some of the guesses are quite entertaining.
  • Have you seen the below video of him dancing with his nephew?


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    New blog post: Blaine drops hint about next stunt

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  4. OMG YES!!!=)My hubby and I were just tankilg about this being one of the best numbers this season. He likes it better then the original.Now is it just me or is this season majorly lacking in comparison to last season. The stroylines, mashups, song selections, etc was way better, imo! oh and Rachel doesnt look like herself with bangs…. plus, she looks thinner. LOL. Mini rant here. I am still a HUGE fan but I wish it still had the same ompf as last.=) Great post!!