Blaine and A-Roid doing yoga? April Fools, right?

April 2nd, 2009 | Joe Hadsall | Filed Under David Blaine, Products

So, how’d your April Fools’ Day go? Ours, pretty fun. Don’t know if you noticed or not, but the ‘Net went apecrap (it’s a word NOW, Grammarphile) with prankery and foolishness yesterday. I think we can all now proclaim the Rick Roll as dead.

Our favorite had to be this blurb about David Blaine. Blaine and Yankee slugger Alex Rodriguez were going to Miami to sign books written by Selena Roberts, the Sports Illustrated reporter who wrote about A-Rod’s alleged steroid use. Instead, their flight from Colorado was canceled because of snow. But that’s not the good part.

According to the post, a New York radio station broke the news that Blaine would be part of the opening day festivities at the new Yankee Stadium:

“He made reference to a Vertigo II event featuring Arod levitating in a wheelchair above the pitcher’s mound throwing out the Yankee Stadium first pitch. ‘It’s a once in a blue moon happening,’ the Brooklyn native told 100.3, ‘and we want to make it the most memorable stadium opening ever.’ It has been rumored that Blaine will serve as the stadium announcer for the Yanks opening day as Bob Sheppard is probably retired.”

According to the “post,” Blaine and Rodriguez do yoga together, and Blaine is teaching magic to the slugger. Hilarious. Also, an official announcement about all this is supposed to come on April 4, Blaine’s birthday. Which means — despite all reasonable thought to the contrary — that all this is real. In that case, just remember: We broke the news first! Booyah!

Whatever. At least this is real: TMZ caught Blaine in a fraudulent act.


  1. Ellusionist on:

    New blog post: Blaine and A-Roid doing yoga? April Fools, right?

  2. David Rodriguez on:

    Vertigo 2 with Arod hold crutches would be cool. But a wheelchair?! WOW.

  3. on:

    Blaine and A-Roid doing yoga? April Fools, right?

  4. Just so you guys know, when people comment about the rickroll dying, it’s a joke. I here alot of people who are like “NO ITS NOT”, but seriously, it’s just another meme to say that the rickroll is dead.

  5. The Grammarphile on:

    LOL! I *like* the new word! 😀