Black Tiger, blue Vintage 1800 face off in card battle: Decks available for almost half price

August 11th, 2010 | Joe Hadsall | Filed Under Products

Two tried-and-true, street-tested, tough-as-nails decks of Ellusionist playing cards are about to duke it out for your enjoyment.

The white-pip Black Tiger: The original deck that started today’s craze of high-quality, custom playing cards has stuck its claws into thousands of magicians’ hands. These original bad boys are eye-catching black beauties that scream power, like a custom-built chopper, rumbling and ready for the road.

The blue Vintage 1800: Magicians worldwide keep scooping up these decks because they look like magical, ancient artifacts that were hidden for more than 100 years. But they only look beat up: Inside each cracked, faded, weathered box is a deck that’s ready to handle your most difficult knuckle-busting moves.

Both of these decks are available for 45 percent off, but for only the next two days. Fill up your cart before midnight Friday (U.S. Eastern) and throw your weight behind which deck you think should be king of the ring.


  1. Black Tiger, blue Vintage 1800 face off in card battle: Decks available for almost half price:
    Two tried-and-true…

  2. Black Tiger, blue Vintage 1800 face off in card battle: Decks available for almost half price:
    Two tried-and-true…

  3. Blue 1800 all the way! That deck is awsome! I really hope it wins.

  4. Erik daPerik on:

    1800 Vintage is awesome, with that one it doesnt matter if you wear it out to pieces, its gonna add even more coolness to it!

  5. the only reason there doing this is for people to buy these

  6. The link to the Black Tiger is 404d.

  7. I totally agree with Erik daPerik. If decks like the Shadow masters, Black Tiger or even a reguler Bicycle deck wear out, they just look bad. 1800 Vintage, however,Just get better and better looking.And “dude”(?) dont be so negative K? Its just a fun idea. Peace.

  8. I agree that the 1800 Vintage Series would just LOOK better after a lot of wear, but can it perform the same as a Black Tiger? Personally, I think that if what you want is to make an impression using looks, stay with the 1800’s. BUT…I f you’re looking for a true-grit performance that will remain locked in the audience’s mind forever, the Black Tiger deck is more your style.
    From my desk,

  9. Its true, Eric S.,that the Black Tigers preform better after a while but thats not to say that the Vintage preforms horribly. You can still do everthing you can do with Black Tigers except those beautiful one-handed fans. You can still cut, flourish and spread the Vintage to your hearts content even after weeks or even months of magic or XCM. I think the long-lasting “new feeling” of the Tigers is counteracted by how the look after a few weeks of use. That being said, the cards do not lock your preformance in your audiances mind. Your magic and quality of preformance do. Peace

  10. Myles Swanson on:

    RT @ellusionist: Black Tiger, blue Vintage 1800 face off in card battle: Decks available for almost half price

  11. Tiger. Better for showmanship, equal on handling.

  12. “Cricket” could you elaborate please? Your comment doesnt really make much sense. Peace

  13. I always get the best responses with casual acting and cards that are colorful (especially with black, red, or a darker blue) or that people don’t usually see such as the “Iraq’s Most-Wanted” cards or Phoenix deck. I got the tiger black pip from magic warehouse and the kid who introduced me to this site had both the vintage and the arcane. I’m used to other types of illusions, coins mostly, but from what I can tell they handle the same (based on the assumption that the black pip is made like the white pip save only the color). I’ve managed to get a succesful faro shuffle with each after a few tries, but from my personal experience the black deck packs more of a visual punch.

  14. I don’t believe (personally) that the Black Tiger packs as much visual punch as an ancient worn and mystical-looking Vintage 1800. As i have said before not only do the two decks handle about the same, the Vintage just looks a LOT better. Also people are usuelly more interested in decks that look really old as opposed to just “plain” black decks.Peace

  15. it’s was amazing!!!

  16. everyone who says vintage 1800s is stupid,i dont really see the point in making you cards look old and musty, if you want that beautiful yellowish hue then just pee on them and then youll have cards that look and handle like the 1800s. Also my friend got some and looking at him perform was sad- not that he did a bad job, just that the audience didnt notice that the cards were any different. I have black tigers, arcanes, black ghosts v2, and shadowmasters and im never goin back- they all rock.

  17. “cardfreak”,no offense,but you are a total idiot. First of all ,the Vintage 1800s dont look “old and musty”. They look mystical and ancient. Peeing on your cards (thats really disgusting by the way)would in no way give you the same effect and beauty that these cards radiate. Second of all ,if your friend couldnt get the audience to see the awsomness of the cards, he is a really awful magician or a really sucky preformer. Simply too many times to mention, i’ve just taken out my vintage decks on the streets and people will actually stop and comment how cool the cards are or ask were i got them. I have one piece of advice for you “cardfreak”. In the future, stick to posting about stuff were you actually know what you’re talking about. It was really hard to see any revelant intelligence at all in this post. Better luck next time and have fun peeing on your cards. Peace

  18. Huhhh? Does anyone else get “mind’s” post? Because I sure didnt. ???? Peace