Biggest giveaway yet: New releases, amazing contest start holidays

November 20th, 2013 | Joe Hadsall | Filed Under General

Shortest holiday season of the year? Only one way to respond: THE BIGGEST HOLIDAY GIVEAWAY EVER.

The 2013 Ellusionist Holiday Giveaway is in full swing, and features two ways to bring home some insane loot — including 12 of our rare, limited decks of playing cards, a $1,000 shopping spree, a PlayStation 4, an iPad Mini and, our grand prize, a 15-inch Macbook Pro Retina and Canon T5i DSLR camera. Those two ways:

  • ~ Every order will receive a ticket number. Each week we’ll draw 10 winning ticket numbers, each with a chance to win a prize.
  • ~ Every order can qualify for guaranteed gifts — as you reach certain spending tiers, you’ll receive options for more goodies, including limited decks, signed decks in lucite cases and more.

All the details of the giveaway are available right here. And while you consider what to load your cart with, you’ll want to see this week’s latest major releases:

GAFF SYSTEM: Made to work with our Artifice playing cards, the Gaff System doubles down on every gaff deck we’ve ever produced. Filled with tricks that could easily stand alone and sell for upwards of $20 each, the Gaff System deck features 15 insanely visual effects, including a torn-and-restored routine where the card melts back together, a lingering shadow from a smartphone’s flash, a torn-and-restored box flap, the familiar joker helpfully pointing out a location, a ChapStick that becomes a chosen card and so much more. Developed by three of magic’s most creative minds — Daniel Madison, Eric Jones and Calen Morelli — this deck is FILLED with worker effects. Inspect each one for yourself, and see some of them in action.

MESSADO RINGS: Messado is one of the few performers who took the linking rings seriously. Working as a pitchman for a magic store in Atlantic City, Messado transformed the linking rings into Messado Rings, an amazing magic display. Know how laymen think they know the secret of the linking rings? They will watch rings link in mid-air and defy gravity. They will get to inspect these beautiful carbon-black rings up close, and then become part of the magic by getting to LINK A RING THEMSELVES. And they will forget what they think they know. A bundle features Messado teaching each of these dazzling moves and a set of rings in a slim leather case. A sellout at Magic Live, this is your new chance to pick up this incredible routine.

ANGLE Z: Years ago Daniel Madison released an effect that he didn’t think much of, but the magic community latched onto it. But even after the first time he released it on video, he didn’t dive too much into it. That has changed with Angle Z. A corner of a card is torn, made to vanish then reappear WHEREVER YOU WANT. Beyond the basics, however, are 90 minutes of undiscovered techniques, subtleties and philosophy from the creator. This effect has been used by many of magic’s top performers, including David Blaine, who featured it on his recent special “Real or Magic.”

We’re not done by any means. We will open a few more releases before Santa boards his sleigh. But until then, check out all the unique, eye-popping magic at

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