Beware of Toxic Playing Cards!

February 5th, 2008 | Team Ellusionist | Filed Under General

Motor Brand Playing CardsAs if we haven’t heard it enough over the past year, products coming out of China have been found to be potentially dangerous to our health. Magicians & poker players be aware of what cards you’re using. According to TrendNews, The Consumer’s Foundation have shown that nearly half of playing cards sampled contained high levels of formaldehyde and most of the offending cards were made in China. One of the China-made playing cards, Motor Brand, had the highest levels of formaldehyde in the tests

Tests of 55 playing card samples showed that 26 contained formaldehyde residue ranging from 122.7 parts per million (ppm) to 1,691 ppm, much higher than the limit of 75 ppm set by Taiwan, The Taipei Times quoted the Consumers’ Foundation as saying.”

Of course we recommend you buy American and stay with Ellusionist playing cards from the United States Playing Card Company. Using anything else can be hazardous to your health!

Ellusionist Bicycle Brand Master cards


  1. Felix Adamson on:

    That is scary! Im never going to buy cards made in China!

  2. Ouch… Imagine reading this after you’ve just performed card to mouth with these cards……..

  3. WOW….who thought that playing cards may be hazardous! :-)

    No need to persuade us ellusionist…anyone who has ever bought a deck of cards off you knows really well that Ellusionist playing cards from the United States Playing Card Company are simply the best!!!


  4. Yo, thats freaking scary!
    Good thing i only buy Bicycles
    Gotta warn all my freinds about this

  5. Never bought any chinese cards and never will, why would you want to anyways…USPCC kicks ass

    USA all the way!

  6. Wow this one took me by surprise, good thing I only buy american cards, besides which other decks would actually be better…

  7. wowowowow.

    Those magicians in china are trying to kill the competition.


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  9. I love it how their like, but “we just suggest to buy america” haha. I’ve never even heard of Motor brand cards. Besides the only ones I ussually use are Bicycles and they arn’t made in China so I’m good.

  10. I’m glad I only buy bicycle. I bet alot of other magicians buy bicycles too so I doubt that many people will get sick.

  11. This isn’t the only hazordius product from China. A recent study showed that most toys from China contane lead and can be deadly if touched or stuck in mouth from children.

  12. Ivan Marjanovic on:

    sheet … i used some of chinese cards and they were plastic coated too , just like this motor…. i used them for bending and all the stuff that destroys the cards , and i performed couple of times card to mouth … but i’am fine , nothing happend to me , thanks good…

  13. I cant beleve that this is happening, I wonder how many people get sick every year from somthing like this.

  14. well infact ive tried those cards before i knew abt ellu. so be aware of me im toxic:P btw if there is someone on the ellu. forums from lebanon plz contact me im fares: 01/273679 my email is

  15. Oh, wonderful. >:\ Hey… aren’t some of the mini E decks from China? Any word on them?

  16. oh no!!!! motor is the only brand i use, and my favorite trick is card to mouth!

  17. …This article claiming that chinese cards are hazardous…is quite biased; for that it focuses its attention ONLY to chinese playing cards.
    I have nothing against anyone, though anyone who read the article may approve of this…BTW im not chinese!lol

    formaldehyde…is truly a toxic chemical that may not show its awfull effects in the shortrun and especially when taken in minute amounts…but one must acknowledge that this chemical is present in many products that are used today like toothpaste for example!!!weird huh? Though i have a question…can the United States Playing Card Company confirm that this chemical is not at all present in card decks???

    i have nothing against USPCC…but i gotta find out if their products are infact harmfull, whether longrun or shortrun; even if the effects are not that severe!!!

  18. as if finding out that your favorite products were from china is bad enough but knowing that they can be hazardous too. thats inhumane!!! lukily i always stick with ellusionist and the help of the united states playing card company ive managed to never really come across a deck of cards made in china yet. it feels great knowing that i dont have to worry to much about toxic playing cards since im in america.

  19. There are many “safe” choices out there. Cartamundi is actually the oldest and largest card producer in the world. So, USPC isn’t your only option. Cartamundi makes the #2 brand in the U.S. (behind Bicycle) called ACE. It is made in their Dallas facility and is consistently tested for quality and durability. There are absolutely no toxic chemicals in any of the Cartamundi products. Cartamundi also manufactures cards for many casinos…they make incredible paper, plastic and acetate cards.