Best solution for exposure shows: Ignore them

May 4th, 2011 | Joe Hadsall | Filed Under General

Despite magician’s best efforts to keep the secrets we spend so much time learning and practicing, some of our brotherhood show our secrets to the world.

The latest to do that is — well, we’re not going to name the show, because we don’t want to send traffic, clicks and eyeballs their way. Pinoys know who we are talking about, though — and many of them are ticked off. Just like a lot of Americans were ticked off when a certain facially-challenged prankster did the same thing.

Yeah, these shows are painful for us to watch. They make us angry and furious. So what can we do? Write the TV stations and complain? Rant on our blogs?

Here’s our best, most heartfelt advice: The best thing we all can do is just ignore exposers, as impossible as that feels. But here’s the truth of the matter: Exposers have been around for decades, and magic is still strong. It doesn’t matter if street magic or close-up classics were brutally exposed. The truth about those shows is that no one watches them except magicians.

Seriously: You know the show’s names, so we’ll let you look up their ratings. (Spoiler alert: They are pathetic.) The only reason that one particular franchise is still around is because it keeps finding ways for old shows to get aired in new countries such as The Philippines. The reality is that a lot of viewers don’t want to know the secret. And those who really really want to know will probably end up as magicians — and that’s not a bad thing.

If you are furious over exposure, the best thing you can do is to worry about your own performances. Tweak your presentations, not your sleights. Keep focusing on a strong performance character, and you’ll be OK. Better yet, your audiences will be riveted. The most basic truth about all this is that people don’t want to see magic tricks — they want to see magicians perform.

Go get ’em.


  1. i cant just ignore it.. that show and tv channel is damn popular.

  2. iamtoostrong on:

    i get the point of this blog…honestly, what’s happening is more of personal, specially to those Pinoy magicians who really hates bearwin. Guys give it a break, dont take it personally he’s just a dumb ass low life motherfcker! lets not make shame of ourselves ranting over Ellusionist’s blog, coz honestly they dont care! we are just pissing them off…please my fellow country men, we have alot of better things to do rather than ranting about dumb ass bearwin.

  3. Kristoffer Chua on:

    that is true..

  4. Ikbenjasper on:

    i saw the show. And its popular in our country, many of the people here in my hometown watch the show, everytime i perform they always say ” your watch M**** G**** right?”, thats why i limit my sleight on card tricks and perform a less sleight and more on talk and distractions. I can say im still a beginner cozon my intire life i was thought on videos.

  5. something totally different but i liked the old homepage better.
    just wanted to say that.
    btw you’r right, I even got started in magic because of a reveal show and the internets, only people who are really interested will decide to spend there time learning these secrets and learning how to preform them.
    I’m still a beginner, so there are plenty of people who probably know this a lot better than me, and maybe don’t agree but I think people forget these things really qiuckly.
    of course it’s ************ if you preform a good trick but it has been on tv a day before and everybody knows how it’s done, but wait , the shows will be forgotten soon and magic lives on through the ages

  6. Ikbenjasper on:

    Yeah your right matthew that soon it will be forgotten, thankz for the thought. But for now i’m watching that shows, copying his tricks and do it on my way. I was just feeling envy on his cards that were use, i can’t afford to buy it coz i’m still undergrad and its expensive for me. Speaking of that show, (i was currently watching the show) the show just finish.

  7. dark saint on:

    The post in ellusionist was really enlightening and uplifting. they are right! So what if they expose the method? (well actually is just a method not the trick itself. the trick relies on the performer) in fact one of my officemates did the biddle trick that bearwin taught in M…. G…. I just stared at him while doing that but I can see that even though he has the method, he doesn’t have the skill and the art of trickery that we all have. So when I innovated, explored the trick, used my wild immagination and improved myself, he is just an “AWED MAN” who said ” do it again bro” JUST LIKE A KID WHO SAW IT FIRST HAND, well in fact we did the same trick but its REALLY the performer who does the magic not the method only. I just said to him: “well thats the way the cookie crumbles” and left VICTORIOUS (art and science of ellusion and deception lies within us) long live the Filipino magicians and all the magicians in the world!. may we bless more people with entertainment! peace be with you all guys.

  8. well there’s a point here… it’s how you do the presentation.. but then the awkward thing here is people knows the secret already and have the already…and sometimes we cannot avoid people who is heckler… that’s the bad thing… tsk

  9. Ikbenjasper on:

    Dichie, don’t be disappointed on that learn and practice more trick specially your signature trick, you can do it!

  10. from my experience just change how that person performed the trick literally and people will still be left wondering as to how the trick was performed

  11. Ikbenjasper on:

    Or you can also let that trick pass. Soon or years may pass that trick will be forgotten by those not die hard magicians. 😀

  12. hey ikbenjasper
    welk gedeelte van Nederland of Belgie kom je vandaan

  13. ikbenjasper on:

    i’m not Netherlands, i’m from Philippines but i wanna go to netherland. and im not that good on there language. lol XD

  14. oh Ithought that you were from here, because of your name

  15. ikbenjasper on:

    i just love the language, when my instructor thought us some of it.

  16. HAHA SO TRUE i loved magic after i watch exposures shows and i am enjoying playing with magic^^

  17. Jasper Ian Felias on:

    junjie, you mean? when you saw the show M!G! you start loving magic?

  18. M!G what is that?

  19. Jasper Ian Felias on:

    Magic Gimik… thats MG