Bennett turns an eye to paranormal in two new TV shows

October 22nd, 2008 | Joe Hadsall | Filed Under General

Magicians have long had a fascination with the truly paranormal. Houdini spent a considerable part of his career studying psychic claims. Criss Angel offered a bristling challenge and a confrontational gauntlet on NBC’s Phenomenon to anyone who claimed to really read minds. James Randi has his famous challenge. Penn & Teller have their popular show calling out liars.

Add Canadian Jeremy Bennett to the list of magicians searching for real magic. In addition to releasing his new Web site, Bennett is currently working on two TV shows aimed at studying the paranormal:

Supernatural Investigator: Bennett is filming all over the world for this show, airing on Vision TV. In the show, he performs magic and mentalism, then shows the difference between his magic and what other people claim is real magic. “I attend and take part in their rituals and often find myself in some pretty controversial activities,” Bennett told Ellusionist’s Jonathan Bagwell. “For example, in Chicago last month we filmed a full blown possession ritual. I had to take part in this ritual. The guy that was ‘supposedly’ possessed was foaming at the mouth, screaming in different languages and rolling around in the ground.”

Occam’s Razor: Named for the rule of thumb that suggests the simplest explanation is usually correct, Bennett travels around the world — again — and investigates supernatural phenomena in depth. Subjects include UFOs, crop circles, telekinesis, ghosts, possessions and other subjects. Each show will include interviews with the people who claim it can be done/really exists, and with field experts who weigh in with real-world, non-magical possibilities. “The message behind the show is this: If I can replicate it using magic, which is just illusion, then don’t always believe what you see,” Bennett said.

Below is the trailer for his new Web site:


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