Bend reality: Arcane Gaff Techniques and gaff decks now available

November 15th, 2010 | Joe Hadsall | Filed Under General

Arcane Gaff Deck & Techniques DVD from Ellusionist on Vimeo.

Plans for the Arcane Gaff Deck have been in the works since before last year’s record-breaking release of the Arcane deck. Months and months of designs and ideas, including many discards and deletes, went into development. But we can sum up what makes this gaff deck a must-have with two words: Gregory Wilson. Three more words: Jimmy The Grip. (Long story.)

Greg brought some devilishly clever ideas to the Arcane Gaff, including one that won him a FISM award. The result is a gaff deck that goes far beyond your expectations, and a training video that shows you some powerful concepts.

The white and black Arcane Gaff Decks, printed in stunning clarity from the U.S. Playing Card Co., will fit exactly with your Arcane decks. And Arcane Gaff Techniques will teach you more than 20 routines and 10 sleights (many of which you could use with a regular deck) in gorgeous high resolution.

Magicians who want to get powerful reactions with their magic have always resorted to gaff cards. They are unafraid of using a stacked deck and have no problem ending dirty.

This is your chance to join them: Arcane Gaff Techniques is now available, including several package options.


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