Bearwin Meily filming second installment of ‘Thou Shalt Not Blink’

October 28th, 2008 | Joe Hadsall | Filed Under General

In honor of Da Bear’s third TV special, soon to hit the air, we’re typing this entry with no edits:

Filipino entertainer Bearwin Meily is hitting the streets to film his second special, “Thou Shalt Not Blink 2.” No air dates have yet been announced for the special, which Meily is currently filming — and loading with Ellusionist effects, he told us via e-mail.

The high-energy Bearwin got his start in the show “Naks!” on GMA7. When the show was canceled, he self-produced a street-magic series called “Stealing Minds.” In April of this year, GMA aired “Thou Shalt Not Blink,” his second magic special devoted to eliminating edits. The feature effect of that special was a teleportation from the GMA studios to his home:

Bearwin said he trained under renowned parapsychologist and Inquirer columnist Jaime T. Licauco. He also rehearsed regularly with his team and his wife Lara, the show’s cinematographer. Teleportation requires no supernatural power, Bearwin said. “Anyone can do it,” he said. “You only need to study and train. Licauco’s has a research that shows a lot of documented incidents of teleportation in the country.”

Keep checking back here for more about him, his upcoming special, and why he would rather be called “an entertainer in the art of magic.” Until then, enjoy this card catch:


  1. is this a joke?

  2. nice on the second trick… doing real magic trick for comedy…. haha… i don’t know why does Dylan said “is this a joke?”

  3. pretty cool! ive seen this guy on youtube,its not easy to make magic tv special…

  4. wow! Ive seen this guy on youtube too and he’s awesome! He’s totally way too cool!!!

  5. Nice one Da Bear!

    I agree on Patrick. It’s really not easy to make a Magic TV Special, considering that he also produce the special by himself, writes the concept, direct and at the same time, to be the magician on the show. That’s one hell of an effort man! But I think that’s fine, ‘coz he’s last 2 magic specials are blockbusters in the Philippines. :)

  6. Congratulations DaBear!
    Seen all of your videos in youtube and i was AMAZED!
    Looking forward to your next Magic TV Special!
    Keep it up!

  7. Good Work Bearwin! I am a die hard fan eversince you started as a comedian! Your humor is super funny and unique! And when you became a magician, I was more thrilled and been your fan for years!! I can still remember your movie “Hari ng Sablay” and you were the first one who did interactive magic simultaneously in every theater! I’ve been watching your videos on YouTube and your magic is really outstanding and unique! You are the REAL DEAL Bearwin!!! Keep it up! Cant wait for your next TV special!!!

  8. hahah! i hope it will better then that, cause im not feeling it at all

  9. do you perform magic REY? may be you should ask your self, Am I better than him in performing this effects?

    Try to think about this before posting your comment.

  10. you can say whatever you want to say but for us magicians
    we don’t just do tricks we entertain! i understand that some people
    don’t really appreciate magic because i saw people like that and i have performed for them,so for all those people who are like rey if you
    don’t have something important to say JUST SHUT UP!

  11. brickroad’s big boy on:

    true dude,us magicians are entertainers..more power to us and less for people like rey!!

  12. Jworks Productions://ch@el on:

    well, all i can say is hes the man! hes been entertaining us for few years now…and still..these are hits!yes i might say that hes a big ellusionist fan..i can tell..hehehehe i love the bear..cause hes like me,, a proud filipino :)

  13. Sleepless days because of research, practice, script writing, practice, script rewriting, practice, test run, rewriting, and more practice. It’s hard to be an artist performing for the art of magic, that is why it is enlightening to see someone rising from all that effort. Congratulations Da Bear, will be waiting for your 3rd magic special. 😀

  14. hi, by the way, i am a bearmin’s fan. your such a coll bro..may i ask pls..who sun the your background music “thou shalt not blink?thanx

  15. may i know who sung your background music??its so very nice…thanx

  16. bearwin is really really good!!!2 thumbs up!!!
    another pride for us Filpinos!!!way to go DaBear!!!

  17. Francis M. sung the masterpiece song, “Thou Shalt Not Blink”………
    May He Rest in Peace…..

  18. how about the stealing minds who sung that? where can i get it?

  19. Man, Im so impatiently waiting for the 3rd installment of Bearwins magic special?! anyone have an idea when will it be aired? BTW.. Rest in peace Francis M….

  20. You aren’t the only one. I’ll send an e-mail to da Bear and see if I can’t find something out.

  21. post it right away if you find any info man… tnx. hehehe

  22. im a filipino its the best

  23. 3 §tar§ & sun on:

    thou shall not BLINK dude

  24. ur so amazing

  25. .where is the teleportation at gma 7?im looking forward to watch that video but i cannot find any links..

  26. Maybe I’m just cynical, maybe it’s just me, but the theme song, and graphics really look like they were heavily inspired by MindFreak.

  27. this message is for Bearwin: you are showing disrespect to the art of magic. you should be sanctioned as well for using the logo of the “Ellusionist” in OUR NATIONAL TELEVISION BY REVEALING THE SECRETS OF MAGIC. YOU DON’T HAVE THE HEART OF A REAL MAGICIAN. SHAME ON YOU BEARWIN!STOP REVEALING THE MAGICS ON TV5 AND USING THE ELLUSIONIST CARDS AND LOGO.YOUR SUCH A PRETENDER.

  28. Bearwin, are you a magician? or just plain stupid?

  29. sos,hinulog mo lang naman yong queen of diamonds