Back in Black…

July 17th, 2008 | Jason Brumbalow | Filed Under Products

Black… is the new black.

How would you like $7, right now? How would you like it if I could reach out of the screen and put seven crisp dollar bills in your hand?

How about the next best thing instead…

We know you love the decks, we know you use the decks – or you might want to see what all the fuss is about. Either way, if you pick up the Back in Black sample pack (that gives me an idea for a song…), we’ll give you $7 back.

Check it out here – before they go!


  1. jack webster on:

    this is one of the best deals that we will every get on this site. These are my three favorite decks of cards and we save around $7, Thats about the cost of a Shadow Masters deck.

  2. the absolute perfect mix

    combines my favorite decks into one set including a $7 discount; with that money i could also buy vintage 1800 series!