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January 28th, 2008 | Team Ellusionist | Filed Under Criss Angel

Criss Angel MindFreak

Criss Angel beardAhoy, mindfreak magician Criss Angel kept mum about the two band-aids he had on the side o’ his now-bearded face when he hit the new Cathouse restaurant and loungerie at the Luxor. E’en the Coquette dancers couldn’t pry the secret from him as t’ if it was a stunt gone wrong, an accident, or gi’in’ up on the first attempt t’ sha’e off the beard, shiver me timbers!

Criss’ stylist has watched Pirates of the Caribbean one to many times. Criss, Cap’n Jack Sparrow called, he wants his pirate style back.

Johnny Depp


  1. stop making fun of criss.!!!!!

  2. UH YEAH,HOW BOUT WE MAKE FUN OF CRISS ANGEL WANNABE MATT ZANE?the long black hair,eye liner,fish hooks…thats all old school criss.when he grows up is he gonna cut his hair like criss,drop the eye liner and wear jewelry?by then criss will have started a new trend,oh no!i guess mr.zane will always be behind!this guy needs to get the dicipline to work out too if he wants to be as hot as criss!

  3. Team Ellusionist on:

    I don’t think Criss started the pirate trend. That was started 15 years ago by Jerry Seinfeld:
    Seinfeld Puffy Shirt

  4. We make fun of him because he tries to hide the fact that he has changed his style. When he can just come out and say it, “I grew out the beard to change my style.” But no, he has ego problems and is self conscience

  5. If youre #1 and on top of the world, everyone wants to tear you down. So it is with Criss. I have been a fan of Criss since the mid-90s and have seen him live several times and always came away impressed, and yes, a lot of the stuff he does on Mindfreak he also did live. I have also had the opportunity to meet him twice and both times he was very nice, would sign anything you asked him to, and would actually take time to chat with you. His family is the same. Say what you want about the man but hes accomplished more than 99% of the people on ellusionist ever will. My respect for Criss has always been high and will probably never change.

    “Oooh he changed his image, hes a poser” ” OMG he has a beard!!! Whats he hiding???”…….. Who F’n cares????

    My respect for ellusionist however has gone down the drain since they started doing this B.S. tabloid carnival barking about Criss. ” I always thought Ellusionist was better than that but I guess I was wrong.

  6. criss is a strange person. he’s just fu*king weird. but, he is a good magician…in some ways. and good point bettylouh, i think we should all give Mr. Zane a big punch in the face and say “MOVE ON AND GET YOUR OWN IDENTITY!”

  7. i like david blaine’s beard A LOT better

  8. I think E has gone way overboard trying to pick on Criss. I cut my finger yesterday, it sure isn’t the headline of anything.

  9. Ok, I’m confused. Ellusionist is always posting up crap about Criss Angel, but on there MySpace page, he’s on there top friends list. Whats that about, do you like him or not?

  10. Haha! I also read a Derren Brown interview were he said he used to look like a gay pirate with a puffy shirt and stuff. Oh and I love that seinfeld episode.

  11. I poke fun at my friends all the time. It doesn’t seem to me to be tearing him down so much as good-natured ribbing that, if Criss knows about it, he is probably just laughing off.

    You don’t make fun of your friends? Let the one of you without sin cast the first stone… oh and by the way, you live in a glass house.


  12. darren,i hear that alot from people that have met him.that’s one of the reasons i love him so much.vincinstein and javo,you guys are so funny,i wish i could hang with you guys.i need to have more friends that make me laugh…i’m such a serious person.anyway,i never cared about magic before criss angel.i accidently came across him while changing channels on my tv.he peaked my interest,so i started watching him more.then i saw his beautiful family and how much they have supported him all his life.i get tears in my eyes whenever he talks about his deceased father.he also has people that have been working with him for 15yrs.those things say alot for a person.i’ve seen him on many talk shows,i’ve read his book and i have his cd.his music is far from being shallow.most of it has a message and causes you to contemplate on some serious issues.his book is inspirational.all you haters out there need to get to know someone before you hate them,otherwise you dont even know what your talking about.

  13. i would also like you to know that he peaked my interest so much that i want to learn some simple tricks to amuse my friends.so there you have it,he’s helped the magic world.i thought that that’s what you guy’s cared about so much,peaking the interest of people to the beauty of the art of magic?give criss some kudos for something you guys.and quit hating on me because i love the guy.

  14. Man..he looks rough! Is it just me, or can just hear him asking, “Hey man, you got any spare change?”

  15. Yes we definitely should stop making fun of Criss. I thought about it and whenever someone is at the top of there game there will always be people making fun of them. But he shouldn’t have to hear it from fellow magicians.

  16. ffs criss, SHAVE!!

    when u had no beard u were soo hot!!
    now u look like a hobo

  17. I just don’t care for criss at all. He seems to care more about promoting himself, than the art of magic. Just my humble opinion.

  18. obviously this jerk needs to change his image because his skills are terrible!!! his music is terrible, he should be pumping gas!! MAGIC DESTROYER

  19. WTF were you thinking the beard needz 2 go but if you keep it or not i still love you criss

  20. I hope he shaves it. its sad he would hurt his preciouse face. no need to critisize… not nice :(