Auction raises $1,600 for Wayne Houchin, who is ready to return

January 22nd, 2013 | Joe Hadsall | Filed Under General

The last two months have been a challenge for Wayne Houchin.

In December, his head was lit on fire by a Dominican TV show host. He suffered first- and second-degree burns and spent several days in a hospital before being released. But because Houchin said the incident was an attack (and from the video, it sure appears like it), he pressed charges. The resulting legal procedure required Houchin to remain in the country while authorities waited to arrest the host, Frank Barazarte.

The resulting treatment, extended stay and recovery took chunks away from Houchin’s performance tour. Away from his livelihood and his career as a magician. The future medical and legal costs will also take their toll as the bills come in.

But things are looking up. As predicted by doctors, he appears to be making a full recovery, according to a report in his hometown paper, the Chico Daily Democrat. His skin, while splotchy, is healing. His hair, singed away by the attack, is growing back. His hands, while burned, are still fully functional. And he’s ready to resume his performances at the end of January.

In December we asked for your help: We put eight rare items up for auction, including skateboard decks, rare uncut sheets, and prototypes of a Black Club ring and Blue LTD deck.


Thanks to your generous bids, we raised more than $1,600 to donate directly to Wayne (total reflects final amount after eBay fees). That money will go directly to him and his recovery.

Thank you so much for helping us help him. Houchin is an influential magician whose impact is still felt among our customers. His man-of-few-words approach is often imitated. He is one of magic’s most generous teachers and skilled performers, who had just recently hosted the Discovery Channel’s “Breaking Magic.”

Again, thank you so much. You can still donate to Wayne’s recovery by sending money via PayPal. Here’s a breakdown of the items and the final bidding prices:

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