Astrologer: Overcoming challenges in Blaine’s blood

October 20th, 2008 | Joe Hadsall | Filed Under David Blaine

For those who wonder why David Blaine got away from street magic and concentrated so much on stunts (never mind how that was completely disproven by “David Blaine: Dive of Death”), the answer is in the skies.

Astrologer Julie Rimmer, who blogs astrological at The Twelve Gates, read a chart for the Mysterious Stranger and found that he is deeply driven to overcome challenges. She even compared Blaine to Franz Reichelt, the unfortunately famous Austrian tailor. Maybe that should be the famously unfortunate tailor.

Mars trine Pluto in air can signify an ease in expressing his will-power through the mind. Also present in his chart is Uranus in Libra opposing Sun/Venus and Chiron. There is the Promethean spirit here, Mars in Aquarius can be brilliant but add Jupiter and the Promethean vision is expanded. When Uranian energy is strong in the chart there is of course the danger of being perceived the fool.

Rimmer has also done charts for Warren Buffet, Marilyn Monroe and Nick Adams. Based on her reading of Blaine’s stars, and if you believe in astrology, then the ridiculing of Blaine won’t stop, and the next stunt should be even more insane. We can’t wait.


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