Artist Interviews: Concert causes switch in Nate Staniforth’s style

November 3rd, 2012 | Joe Hadsall | Filed Under Artist Interviews

Most of our customers first saw Nate Staniforth in Crash Course 2. Near the end, he did a performance of an ambitious card routine that turned out to be a highlight of the video, for a lot of reasons. His routine structure was brilliant, he got crazy reactions and his hands were shaking like crazy.

Nate doesn’t shake much anymore. But he still gets a thrill from performing. He has performed in hundreds of shows across the country and world, and is known for one of the most subtle, stripped, bare bones magic shows in the business. You’ve probably heard his opener about how he uses no smoke machines, laser beams or dance numbers. But there’s not even a spotlight, background music or stage decoration. Just him, a handful of pocket-sized props and a few chairs.

He’s one of the most sought-after magicians in the college circuit, by the way.

Yet Staniforth didn’t start out so streamlined. At one point, he was stage magic to the max: flowy shirt, tight leather pants, motorcycle on stage.

What made him change his style? A simple music concert.

We caught up with Staniforth after a recent show in Nevada, Mo. We talked to him about that concert and why it was so influential, how he reads audience members, a future YouTube project he’s working on, why he couldn’t stop a show for an injury and how he keeps astonishment alive for his spectators, and himself.

Staniforth will perform in Hartford, Conn. and Portland, Ore., in November. Keep an eye on his tour schedule, and don’t miss him when he comes to your town. Or find a copy of “Magician,” his performance video.



  1. May I ask who was performing in that concert?

  2. Nate isn’t telling. He knows how to keep a secret.