Artist Interview: Vince Caso says magic a catalyst for other ventures

October 8th, 2011 | Joe Hadsall | Filed Under Artist Interviews

“Magic is a catalyst that got my mind working in the area of self development because you are able to see such a variety of people on a consistent basis … see the ups and downs, the way people are, the way they behave, the way they act and how their minds work.”

Like many of our first customers, Vince Caso caught a commercial for Ellusionist during a David Blaine special. From there, he became a prominent member of virtually every flourishing community, including Handlordz and Decknique, and became a regular performer at the legendary Magic Castle.

But Vince is first and foremost an actor. He got his start at 13, landing a lead in 2007’s “Humble Pie,” starring alongside Mary Lynn Rajskub, William Baldwin and the Oscar-winning Kathleen Quinlan. Currently, he plays Bladezz alongside Felicia Day in the web series “The Guild,” which in its current season has featured a star-studded cast of cameos.

Funny thing about magic, though: It pops up in everything you do. That’s the case for Caso, who brings his card handling to his character. He talked with us about how magic affects his acting and his self-development business, how he landed the role on “The Guild,” how magic became a part of his character, why he’s more of a LePaul guy than Erdnase guy and what it was like to perform magic with Neil Patrick Harris for Joss Whedon and Nathan Fillion.



  1. Pretty intelligent and eloquent guy.

  2. Thanks guys for answering my ueostiqn on Holmes weapons on the podcast. I understand where you are coming from and agree with you wholeheartedly. I like fiddling with rules and trying to understand why rules are the way they are. In Holmes a guy with a dagger attacks twice per round doing 1d6 damage per attack and a guy with a two handed sword attacks once per two rounds doing 1d6 damage per attack. So the dagger guy has 4 times as many attacks as the heavy weapon guy.My answer is to do away with weapon speed altogether.It boils down to something similar to why someone would choose not to fight with 2 weapons in 1st ed.. Althouth the rules advantage is not as extreme in that case as it is in Holmes all the characters in the game I am currently in do (except me and the magic-users).

  3. @MyQuickTricksive learned this with poker chips and it took me a round 4 mtnohs pratice every single day of killing my fingers xD haha but i finaly got where i can do it very smoothly

  4. Does John McGrail ever play at your venue? Or Cindy McKay? I’ve seen john at the Barking Spider a few times and I just saw Cindy at this years Peace Show at the Free Stamp. They are awesome. If they don’tyou holusd check them out sometime!Later,Hank