Artist Interview: Larry Wilmore talks about Daily Show ‘ambitious race card’ routine

October 16th, 2009 | Joe Hadsall | Filed Under Artist Interviews

Larry Wilmore doesn’t mind tellin’ you… his classic palm is terrible. He usually messes with a deck of cards when he gets the chance to practice. But he is well versed in magic: He can tell you about Ascanio, Marlo, Jennings and he can even tell you why he performs like Vernon.

Wilmore, senior black correspondent for The Daily Show with Jon Stewart, took the time to catch up with us about magic — mostly about that incredible “race card” routine he performed on the show last week. The author, writer and actor also talked about his upcoming work with Steve Carell and Paul Rudd, the importance of being yourself when you perform and how people have seen a lot of magic — but haven’t seen a lot of sleight of hand.



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  2. Ace filippa from Australia on:

    he has guts i must say hes like a wild croc

  3. Daily Show's Larry Wilmore is actually an impressive magician. An interview:

  4. He has more than guts. This man is a visionary! He’s one of my favorite peoples in Hollywood.

  5. Brenden Murphy on:

    great idea to tie trick in to the show piece. its also a great display of skill across the board. The palming, spread, fake shuffle all great.

  6. He is miraculas

  7. david aronson on:

    david aronson…

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