Artist Interview: DeSouza talks deceptions

November 2nd, 2009 | Joe Hadsall | Filed Under Artist Interviews, General, Products

Editor’s note: The following podcast was recorded on Oct. 23, several days before the start of the World Series. For reasons you’ll hear in the podcast, the editor is feeling pretty lucky that the Phillies dodged elimination by winning Game 5 tonight. Ellusionist supports neither the Yankees or the Phillies, but fully supports the idea of Joe shutting his trap about sports. That is all.

After almost 50 years, there’s not much in magic that Marc DeSouza HASN’T done. Outstanding close-up magician? Check. Worldwide respect? Got it. Awards from magic’s two largest international groups? He has a bunch. Creator of one of the most widely used sleights in magic today? Absolutely (along with Oscar Munoz, he is quick to point out).

Marc Desouza stopped by for an Artist Interview a few days ago. He talked about the era in magic’s history that is his favorite, what it takes to take your act to the stage (or in a magic competition), how he developed his ability to routine and his new 4-DVD set, “The Master Works of Conjuring.”


If you somehow missed his video for the Arcane deck, see it here. Also, there is a discussion about a routine based on Alice in Wonderland. The video is below.


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