Artist Interview: Aaron Fisher talks about magic mentors, lessons

May 14th, 2011 | Joe Hadsall | Filed Under Artist Interviews, General

“There’s nothing intuitive about sleight of hand.”

Learning magic — i.e., learning to lie by passing off unnatural actions as natural motions — can be a difficult process, thanks to the practice needed to master certain sleights compounded by the infinite number of sleights available. Back in the day, many of the greats in magic studied under legendary mentors and enjoyed long-lasting relationships with them.

Aaron Fisher, card magician, technician and all-around genius, enjoyed one such relationship with Michael Skinner. He called it a kohai-senpai kinda thing (with a pretty good Sean Connery impersonation, truth be told) in this Artist Interview. He also said that today’s magic community, which has grown in many different directions on the Internet, hasn’t lost that chance for connection — rather, it gives magic students hungry for direction many more options.

We had a great conversation with Fisher about that and much more in this podcast. Enjoy:


Fisher is one of the many experts available through Ellusionist’s InSession program. He also offers coaching sessions on his Web site.


  1. Ikbenjasper on:

    Wow., i’m not that good in sleights. Right now i have this video of daryl’s card sleights encyclopedia, a card sleight tutorial from the basic to advance. Lol. xD

  2. Just keep up with practicing some of the basics a little bit each day, and you’ll be surprised how easier things will eventually become.

  3. Jasper Ian Felias on:

    thanks steve.. i just really want to learn more.