Arquette under no illusion about living in box

July 17th, 2009 | Joe Hadsall | Filed Under David Blaine, General

David Arquette is no David Blaine. Who says so? David Arquette.

The Scream star lived for a few days in a glass box above Madison Square Garden in New York City. He did so to help launch Snickers’ Bar Hunger Campaign.

“It’s not an endurance challenge, and I’m not David Blaine, but what I’m doing is raising awareness about hunger in America. It’s not a homeless thing, these are working Americans that don’t have enough food to eat.”

For his stunt Above the Below, Blaine hung for 44 days above the Thames in a box that was big enough either stand or lie down. Oh, he also went without food. Arquette has quite the pimped-out box, complete with carpet and furniture:

Arquette and Snickers are working with Feeding America to raise $250,000.

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