Arcane sales break Ellusionist records

October 29th, 2009 | Joe Hadsall | Filed Under General, Products

A little perspective is in order:

  • When Ellusionist first released the Black Tiger, the first edition of it sold out in four days. That print run was about 5,000.
  • When Ellusionist released the Shadow Masters deck, we sold about 3,000 in a 12-hour period.

So, given everything that happened on release day, including enduring a DoS attack just minutes after the sales page went live, we were blown away when we saw that more than 6,000 decks of Arcane playing cards sold in a 12 hour period — roughly 2 a.m. to to 2 p.m. Central. This reaffirms everything we said about how awesome you are. Thanks for making this release a success!

Just because the decks are out doesn’t mean Arcane goodness stops. Keep checking the Arcane page for new performance videos from some top-notch card sharps. And check in tomorrow for the announcement of contest winners.


  1. A ddos attack? Wow, that explains a lot. How horrible and frustrating. Glad to hear it didn’t keep Arcane from setting records, and that your site is back up and running fine. My cards arrive this afternoon, and I’m totally stoked to see them.

  2. New blog post: Arcane sales break Ellusionist records

  3. Arcane sales break @Ellusionist records Are you board this – – affiliate program yet?!

  4. GREAT News the “contest” has been extended. Therfore the poor saps that waited and delt with the failing website have less of a chance to win. Does the state monitor your “contest”? this is not the first time this has happened? does anyone see through this or have they all consumed the coolaid?

  5. on:

    New blog post: sales break Ellusionist records (via @Ellusionist)

  6. This was my first purchase on E; I ordered on the 28th, but the order status is still “processing.” Does it usually take this long ?

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  9. Fell out of bed feeling down. This has brithgneed my day!