Arcane contest winners announced

October 30th, 2009 | Joe Hadsall | Filed Under General, Products

The Joker has been busy indeed over the last few days, but she has finally decided to heap some niceties on those of you who braved the largest, biggest release of a custom deck yet. These winners were randomly chosen from customers who ordered Arcane decks during the first two days of availability. Congratulations to our Arcane contest winners, and to everyone who contributed to a record-breaking day.

Lane C. Thompson won the uncut sheet, the lucky dog.

Winners of the free Arcane stainless steel clip are:

  • Jack Champagne
  • TJ Bourne
  • Ian J. Throckmorton
  • Mitchell D. Berger
  • Anthony Nowak

And the winners of free black Arcane decks are:

  • Philip E. McDonough
  • Mathew J. Kenward
  • Ronald Phifer
  • Frank Spies
  • Kevin Spohr
  • Stephen Meli
  • Nathan J. Parsons
  • Aaron Kupferman
  • Barton Snell
  • Rick Gatt


  1. Lane Thompson on:

    Thank you Ellusionist and Brad once again for the whole shopping experience! This makes my constant refreshing battle with the E servers worth it! Thank you!!

  2. Anthony Nowak on:

    Holy Cow!! You Guys Are Amazing!

    I can’t believe I actually won something!!!!!!

    I look forward to getting these cards and showing them off to everyone I know, another homerun from Ellusionist!

    Happy Halloween!!!!

  3. my sisters fiance won he is giving me it