Another killer performance: Ellen freaked out after Ferguson’s magic

March 31st, 2011 | Joe Hadsall | Filed Under General

First Eric Ross, now Rich Ferguson: The Icebreaker was the latest Ellusionist artist to slay Ellen and her audience with magic. In his national television debut, Rich got three sets (one was a callback after James Marsden) and did a great job. He did a great variation of an ambitious card routine and a killer performance of Window from This is Mentalism.

After his performance, Rich said he thought he messed up one trick, but we don’t see it at all. Looked to us like an absolutely stellar job. The video speaks for itself:

Stay tuned for a podcast interview with Rich for what it was like behind the scenes, and more about Ellen’s reaction.


  1. Justin Kowal on:

    UMMM when was she freaked out????

  2. That was awesome.

  3. Rich Ferguson on:

    Justin- In person, she was very fun and enjoyed lots of magic. We all had a great time indeed.