Angel’s mass levitation spawns user response videos

August 28th, 2009 | Joe Hadsall | Filed Under Criss Angel

Did you try it? Did you float?

In what is sure to become the next great Internet response meme, many watched Wednesday’s episode of Criss Angel’s Mindfreak with a camera turned on themselves. That episode, of course, featured Angel making millions of people at home “levitate.” (By the way, forum member TWB totally called it. So props to him.)

Angel is encouraging people to text their experiences to him. But many have gone further, by recording videos of themselves taking part in the experiment.

See the videos after this jump.

There’s a lot of wobbling going on in the vids. Not a lot of floating.

Others recorded video diaries of their experiences:

This one is our favorite. For obvious reasons.


  1. New blog post: Angel’s mass levitation spawns user response videos

  2. okay first of all the kid who said it worked he was standing on the tip of his toes, that was obvious and dumb and he was wearing a crissangel t-shirt, wtf. and there is no way you can be levitated over the tv, its all phsycological the only way you can be levitated is with magic and thats when criss angel is with you,…other than that no way in hell, so, if you want to be levitated go to criss himself,….

  3. the thing is he creates the effect so you think your floating, you don’t literally, exactly why you close you eyes…

  4. W:H might know better.
    ain’t I correct?

  5. i cant believe this posts are on ellusionist xD “if you want to be levitated to criss himself”????????? bahahahah

  6. The only thing that is far more stupid than the whole purpose of Criss is the fact that people actually believe it and even film themselves, posting on Youtube afterwards.

  7. All of you guys who think that this was “stupid” are wrong. The second that I heard this, I knew that Criss wasn’t going to make home viewers levitate. I knew that he was going to ask for only the people for whom it “worked” to report their experiences. I guess that some people decided to show that it didn’t work, too. Uri Geller used to use a very similar principal. He would bend spoons “with his mind” and tell people to call in to the television network and report if their spoons bent, too. Many people believed that it was Uri who bent their spoons. He was remembered as a psychic. Criss was trying to do the same thing, but with levitation. He was hoping for home viewers to make videos like these to make it look like Criss succeeded. All of these youtube videos not only give Criss more publicity (as if he needed it), but also make him look like a better magician than he really is. Now don’t make the assumption that I’m just typing this because I’m a fan of Criss, I am not at all of Criss. I’m typing this because some of you guys had set your expectations too high and are now mad that it wasn’t real. Many magicians have used or are currently using effects that rely completely on the magician creating the illusion completely in the mind of the spectator.

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