Angel filming season five of Mindfreak

June 15th, 2009 | Joe Hadsall | Filed Under Criss Angel, General

How’d I let this one slip by?

Criss Angel is filming magic tricks, illusions, stunts and more for season five of the A&E series Mindfreak, according to an update last week (really? Last week? I’m slackin’) from Vegas reporter Robin Leach. In the midst of a six-week schedule of 18-hour days, Angel told Leach that the season will “push the envelope” again:

“The things we are working on will be the best we’ve done in all four previous seasons, really the best to date. I can assure you each show will close with one truly incredible illusion that people will talk about all week long.”

He has already filmed a segment with Carrot Top (who has been featured in past episodes). One of the stunts, probably the season closer, involves him being chained and anchored to concrete blocks, then chucked into Lake Mead. Leach said that stunt will break a promise Angel made to his mother. Mind your mother, Mindfreak.

Also, Angel fans: iTricks’ Justin Robert Young has discovered Criss Angel’s real Twitter account. A few months back, a sophomoric squatter had some immature fun with the domain. Criss has it now, and he’s dishing during the filming.


  1. Dallas White on:

    WOW! I cant wait. I’m a big criss angel fan and love his illusions. I have most of his merchandise on his website. TRUE FAN BUT NOT LOYAL. Can you believe it? I figured when I take a trip over there, I will then get a VIP pass to see him. Can’t wait to watch A&E’s CRISS ANGEL MINDFREAK SEASON 5!!!

  2. Ellusionist on:

    New blog post: Angel filming season five of Mindfreak

  3. Nick felice on:

    I am 12years old and i am a incredible magician and i am siked for season 5!I love criss and his tremendous skills that he uses to amuse the crowd. 1 day i hope to be a famous magician.

  4. Nick felice on:

    criss angel! 5 star easy1

  5. Kirkland Butcher on:

    Criss is a good magician.I was inspired to do magic as a kid when my father showed me a coin trick.But he passed away when I was 9 years old. I saw a video of criss on my aunts myspace.And I searched him up on youtube,and saw a coin trick and remembered who I was.Since I saw him at 11 years of age.Ive been doing magic for two years now.And I hope to be a famous television magician like him.And one day I hope to be the best.I am now trying to get a how to do street magic pack so i can learn some new tricks and levitation.I might be getting it this week.I give a shout out to brad christian a awesome magician.gotta go do some tricks bye.