An Interview with Criss Angel’s Beard

February 22nd, 2008 | Team Ellusionist | Filed Under Criss Angel

Criss Angel“I don’t care about what I look like at this point.”

“I didn’t get into this art form for money.”

“I don’t care whether I drive a Hyundai with 200,000 miles on it…”

These fascinating facts and more are revealed in a recent interview Criss Angel’s beard had with Robin Leach on his blog Vegas Luxe Life.


  1. rocco giovacchini on:

    he may of not of gotten into the art form for monney but look at him now he has become a sell out and is in the magic for the money now and he is just a big of a sell out as the masked magicain whether he likes it or not!

  2. LOL thats funny he should shave that thing its ungly

  3. i am going to las vegas in april to meet him and i hope he shaves it off by the time i get there because i want the pics to look good and not have that big hairy thing in it but u know he does this every time he’s off season.

  4. Come on people! Even though Criss Angel is not the greatest magician in the world, we don’t need to bash his every move. I mean, what is so wrong about a beard? Are you jealous because you can’t grow one? I assure you, he sold out long before he grew the beard. The beard has nothing to do with his lack of….. whatever it is.

  5. He didn’t get into it for the money? Is that why he is always driving a Lamborghini and flashing his bling?

  6. rocco giovacchini on:

    thank you joe my point exsactly.
    he makes all of us magicians look bad by useing stage magic on the street and useing camra tricks and stooges.dont get me wrong
    theres nothing bad about doning stage magic on the street but when you use stooges and 30 edits just to make a coin disapper thats a whole diffrent story.hay can you float from one building to another like criss angel you bet your ass i cant !
    i want to interview criss angel with my fist!

  7. i know why he is growing it
    1- to hide cards and coins
    2- he is to lazy

  8. Listen, I might not be a big fan of Criss’s magic on TV, but it doesn’t mean he’s a bad guy. He has made a lot of kids lives easier and has started alot of magicians. Sure, maybe he uses stooges, sure, maybe camera edits, but he has thought way outside the box of conventional magic! Lay off! Believe it or not, he is human!

    And who cares about the beard. Just because he is a celeb doesn’t mean he doesn’t have the right to be whoever he wants to be!

  9. rocco giovacchini on:

    oh no .not another leave britniey alone speech.

  10. Thank you rocco giovacchini that kind of crap happens to me on a regular basis and it is so annoying I just can not stand it.

  11. Criss Angel is a great magician – even if some may be skeptical of his television show, he is still none the less an amazing performer, and he is the guy who brought magic back into popular culture.

    And about the beard – although it is not one of his best hairstyles, its his hair and why should he have to wear his hair how we want it, it doesnt make his magic any lesser – Im sure he will shave it before his season 4 starts anyways!

  12. Most, if not all, of the “interview” on Robin Leach’s blog was lifted directly from Criss’s Merlin award acceptance speech at the Luxor on Feb. 14. Leach was present for the award presentation. I wish I would have recorded Angel’s entire rambling acceptance speech — I could have transcribed an “exclusive interview” as well.

    Love him or hate him, this particular award is bogus. The International Magicians’ Society is nothing more than Tony Hassini’s mailing list and whether any real voting took place is rather questionable. His Magic Castle award is more meaningful. Perhaps that is why he felt compelled to mention it, twice, at the event.

    I’ll be interested to see if, even with the help of Cirque, he can put together a truly special illusion show, where the magic is not overshadowed by special effects.

  13. rocco giovacchini on:

    hi Martin i whould like to point out that your wrong!
    criss angel was a good stage preformer stage preformer!
    but now hes just crappy preformer he may be a better preformer than you but that dose not meen amazing !
    and as far as him bringing magic into popular culture that just meens hes a sell out.hes not donig shit for magic besides destroying it.hes is exployting it for everything it worth.

  14. Well Rocco, sure other magicians may be just as talented as Criss, but i think we can say hes a better performer than any of us here. You said he “was a good stage preformer”, true – a decent street performer as well, and he is returning to the stage for his live show at the Luxor, where with much practice, im sure his performance will be as outstanding as before!

    About Criss Angel being a sell out, I think labeling him that way is wrong. Criss is not into magic for money his love for the art is greater than what money could get him. Criss has always invited the loyals to attend all of his demonstrations for free, and open to the public. Just because he has gotten some fame because of his television show doesnt mean he is immediatly a sell out. He has been performing for many, many years before he began making tons of money – let him finally enjoy what he has earned!

  15. rocco giovacchini on:

    not a sell out you make me laugh.he charges people 99 dollers to be able to wright on his site and to be part of the fan club.thats hella lot to to be part of a crapy club.
    not a sell out hahahahaha!

  16. 1.It’s not a beard- it’s a chinchilla. Poor chinchilla!

    2.Why did he change his last name to Angel? It sounds way more lame than his other name. Which sounds lame anyway.

    3.If he’s not a sell out then why does he rip off his shirt whenever he does a magic trick? I can see the next trick now: Criss Rips Off His Shirt In A Very Small Space- Will He Survive?

    4.If his tricks are real, then why does he remind us every two minutes “what you see is what you get.” How much more ‘Fortune Cookie’ can you act?

  17. rocco giovacchini on:

    thank you alex at least some has the same thoughts as me!

  18. Well Rocco, I would like to point out that your wrong! You can join his fan club as a loyal for free, and you can write on his site – $99 is only for the ultimate loyal – although a bit pricy, gives much more than that, only if your a true fan – but this has nothing to do with his art, and i wouldnt call him a sell out – he has his own ways of making money!

  19. rocco giovacchini on:

    i know he has his own ways of makeing money its called being a sell out! he exploites our art and he should have no ones respect.

  20. Criss invented a new concept, Beard Palming…

  21. criss aqngel looked even more magical and supernatural without his beard, he looked like an angel sent from hell….

  22. Chris Robinson on:

    Wow. I cannot believe that Criss Angel said that he would not care if he drove a Hyundai with 200,000 miles on it. What a joke!!!! I cannot stand this guy. He is destroying magic!!! If he did not care what he drove, would he be flaunting and flashing his black Lambo, or doing tricks so that he can win a Viper!! Who does he think he is kidding? I have heard more people say that they do not like him more than they do. Criss, stop blowing smoke, you liar!!

  23. come on people, ART is he fucking kidding me, what art, i cant sing so let me screw up the art of magic. he is a sellout!!! take the cameras away CRISS and you are that bum that you look like. the best trick of all that you performed was fooling the public into thinking you have skill!!! you have none! without the help of your advisors on mindfuck your nothing!! and you screwed a few of them also, houdini is rolling over in his grave, please stop disgracing this wonderful art that your destroying! ask your brothers for a job.

  24. he also signed up pretty cool magicianns as consultants, used their effects and then fucked them!!! NOW THATS THE TRUTH CRISS!! MAGIC DESTROYER

  25. its shaved!! a recent interview with him said he shaved it!!

  26. I agree with some of the posts here, the only reason why he is using his magic to win object(money, cars, anything) is mainly because people bet him he cant do it, being proud as he is he takes those bets. I don’t mind what Criss does but I believe he is starting to get sloppy, perhaps from something like fatigue. He is a great performer, in my eyes but I think he needs to step up, take in more responsibility of what he is doing and start practicing again, for he is getting, as I said before, sloppy. He is just a person that has learned much in the art of magic, what he is doing today is what he does, if you want to change magic then train up and sign for TV and prove Criss wrong! That is what you guys that are mocking Criss should do, I don’t see many of you on TV so go on and try.

  27. Beardfreak is no more! lol

  28. what makes criss a sellout because he made magic his life and by doing so made money. so if he would have just done music and got a contract and made lots of money would that make him a sellout with music. no it would just because someone betters themself and makes money at the same time doesn’t make them a sellout. yes he has consultants helping him but what about other stage magicans they have twenty plus people working do one trick. the one thing i don’t like is when he says that they have never meet or there are no camera tricks because that isn’t always true. there isn’t anything wrong with making a living doing something you love. it sounds like so of you guys are just magicans that do birthday and watch criss show and wish that it could be you. it is sad that you people need to tear someone down to make you feel better about yourself

  29. Oh for the love of hair, will someone please change this picture! Every time I go to this blog I have that scary beard starring at me. Post something new! anything! Just not the beard! I can’t take it anymore!!!
    Makes me want to shave! :)

  30. I love how he “Barely made $30,000 a year” 15 years ago… OH NO! You hear about these guys who came from living in their car, but on only $30,000 he must have been living in a box…

  31. Brian Cross on:

    It’s been a while since I’ve been on and I must say that it seems that there are many Criss haters here! Is it that many of you that are hating and bashing Criss are magicians that never made it to the level of Angel, Burton, McBride, Copperfield and so on…? Many of you call Criss a sell out but what about the Magic Consultant for the movies “The Prestige & The Ellusionist” which is the legendary Ricky Jay! No disrespect to Ricky Jay is intended! Maybe if the people that are writing these postings would practice there magical techniques, they could become the next McBride, Burton or Angel (for the Angel haters / bashers) and you could have a Lambo too!!! I can appreciate what Criss does do, on a charitable level, for kids with disadvantages, Make-A-Wish, etc., so at least give him a break for that!!!

  32. hery i’m just dying to see more criss angle episodes its bad enough there wasn’t any new ones but now thers not even any on ! so if anybody know when he is going to be back on let us all know!

  33. lakeya mitchell on:

    He’s not a sell out. How do you know that he sets the pricing for the things he’s involved with? He does have a boss you know. It may be A & E setting those prices. And, the poor man only gets 2 to 5 hours of sleep. He still performs great inspite the stress and dehumanizing conditions he subjects himself to on a daily basis. I get stressed just thinking about it! He is also ostracized and criticized for just being who he is. Could you endure that? Neither could I. I think he is still quite humble, and I admire his spirit. And he is just a human being. He does not have to be perfect. I’ve never seen anyone in any field as great as Criss Angel. Just leave him alone!

  34. lakeya mitchell on:

    By the way, all you folks that are bashing him continually are just jealous. I can tell he is a genuine person. And I can also tell that he does have extraordinary skill with magic. And so what if he chooses to be shirtless at some point. Just because a man is not afraid to be real and show his true emotions, unlike a lot of you jackasses out there, that does not mean that he’s less than or a sell out. And what do you care if he shaves before you meet him or not? Do you want your kiss with him to be smooth and not rough? Dude please! Get outta here with that. And how dare you accuse him of screwing his way to the top? Get a life. Quit being so hateful and learn to applaud someone else’s success! Maybe you’ll finally have some for real!

  35. that aint criss angel, its a homeless man that accepted his award on his behalf

  36. that aint criss angel, its a homeless man that accepted his award on his behalf. they allowed him to where it

  37. Andrew Reichelderfer on:

    How many of you assholes have actually followed his career? The guy has been doing AMAZING magic since the late 90’s and is now getting recognized for it. Recognition and selling out are COMPLETELY different things. If you had an idea for a trick, and say a big vendor thought it profitable, you wouldn’t accept a royalty for it?? yeah thats what i thought. So shut the fuck up about the selling out bullshit because your just being assholes. And about the beard… WHO GIVES A FUCK? I’ve got a thick ass beard and its a bitch to shave! so he wants his face warm for the winter… big fucking deal. just shut up. And to the fellow magicians, don’t say he’s ruining magic. Are you fucking kidding me? Ruining it for you because you know your inferior mind can’t come up with something to top it?? Yeah Chris is a fucking genius and creates effects and illusions that are hard to top.. but that doesn’t mean it can’t be done. Give credit where credit is due. Chris is amazing. And he’s only wealthy because he’s being recognized for it. so back off and go cry if you dont like it.

  38. why did criss grow a berd it makes him look like a hobo.

  39. jacob bogard on:

    what the fuck is up with the beard on his fase. he looks like a dumass fucked up hobo. his is a lot beter with out the dumass beard.

  40. crystal jones on:

    criss, how could you do this? i used 2 think u were extremely hott and now u look like a sexy hobo! shave it off man plz im beggin u!!!!

  41. #1CRISS ANGEL FAN on:

    Criss is an inspirer. Many kids have been inspired by him. And that includes me. I’m 12 years old learning magic myself, and I have heard of and seen thousands of magicians but not one has what Criss Angel has got. Criss has got talent. Not that lame talent that most magicians have. He’s got the talent that is rare now a days. And honestly, who cares how he looks, is that really what it’s all about today? Looks? Come on, look past his beard, look past whatever you think looks bad or “ugly” on him. Look at his magic. That’s what he’s all about. Has the whole world turned into fashion critics? I find Criss looks amazing no matter what, beard or no beard. He looks great 24/7 and he is great 24/7. He works his ass off to give it all for his fans. So come on.. you don’t got to like him.. but at least respect him. He is my hero, and forever will be <3 Love you Criss<3

  42. god he looks like a hobo wat happend i used u thinjk he was hot and he looks like he got fatter on the stomache

  43. i don’t think criss got into this for the money or is into it for the money who cares if he has a Lamborghini and a lot of bling just couse he spends money dosent mean that why he is in the art of illusion just for the money oh and i think the beard looks good

  44. OK! Criss Angel is the sweetest person in the entire world. I would know from a personal experince! I have known him for about 2 years now and he loves what he does! It shouldn’t matter what he looks like or who he dates, it should only matter how his helps people! so if you wanna bash people for what they look like you should really look in a mirror and see that we all have flaws! Nobodys perfect! So stop with the harsh statments!!

    Written the total love and support,
    Danielle and the entire Loyal!!

  45. i really hope it will be gone next season

  46. first time i saw criss angel with the beard it took me about 5 minutes to realize it was him and not some random dude on his show lol… matter of fact if it wasnt on his show it would of took alot more for me to know it was him….

  47. i have no problem with his beard btw…

  48. Sellout? Please. In almost every industry people try to create a product or service that many people will like with the purpose of making money. Yet for some reason the entertainment is ment to be above money, that is ridiculous. Performing for yourself and not taking account of your audience makes you a hack, and generally unemployed. He is exploiting his performance style to both make money and increase the popularity of magic around the world. That is what you should aim to do as a magician.
    That said I don’t like his performance style, I find it overstated and a little hammy. But individual reactions to a style aren’t important, the fact that he is able to make as much money as he does means that he is providing the performance that people want to see. Therefore he is a good magician.

  49. ExCrissAngelFan4Life on:

    I apologize to all the people I insulted over Criss Angel. He’s a disingenuous person. He’s not worth insulting anyone over, that’s for sure! I’m an EX Criss Angel “Fan” for life! And I apologize to my Savior Jesus for ever FOLLOWING him. Criss Angel IS ILLUMINATI and you should boycott believe!

    Cause the LIE is that he serves GOD! He loves Satan, power, money, fame and being a whoremonger. NOTHING more!

  50. It seems most of you don’t understand what an illusionist does. They are entertainers and do what they do as a trick and no one should discredit a person for doing illusions because like he says what you see is what you get. It just goes to show how vulnerable the masses are to trickery. If you wanna see some real magic go to south America and find a shaman to heal you with ayauscha

  51. Oh man btw I didn’t even read that dudes comment above my last but wow when are people going to wake up and realize that the possibly greatest downfall to civilization organized religion is for the most part bullshit there is no god or devil or heaven or hell think about it too much of anything can be bad you need the bad in order to recognize that good exists and too much good is never positive think of atoms they need to be balanced to exist. Balance is in nature. “god” is the Universe it’s energy and it is not anthropomorphic

  52. Leonardo Zai-Zai on:

    Wow his beard

  53. Shaun Sharpton on:

    OK, I read a lot of, Criss Angel is a sell out, he’s not a great magician, etc….. I wonder, did you start with the explicit intent of performing magic for free and spending thousands of hours of your life practicing so that you could perform for free? If you say yes, I think you should go kill yourself. Not because you are lying to us, but because you are lying to yourself.

    The reality is that we learn magi because we love it. Some of us find that we have the ability to make a good living doing the thing that we love. The rest find that we are at best amateurs that will never be anything more. Those are the ones that call Criss Angel a sell out.

    Anyone that says that Criss Angel should not capitalize on his talent and ability is a f**kin* moron. Was Albert Einstein a sellout? What about Houdini? How about Copperfield? What about Escher? They all made money from what they were best at. If that makes them a sell out then everyone who spends countless hours learning something and provides a service for others that they are willing to pay for is a sell out.

    So, realize, no one is spending more than half of their lives learning and practicing some thing to give it away for nothing. NO ONE. If you believe that you are stupider than the people that complain think that Magic is “Real.”

    No one is ever a “Sell Out” for profiting from their talent.