An evening with Paul Harris

January 27th, 2009 | Joe Hadsall | Filed Under General

13 people in January received a session of a lifetime after purchasing the product of a lifetime.

Brad Christian, founder of Ellusionist, took these pictures during the dinner at his California home. (Hmm… we see some video cameras in the background of some of these pictures…) And some of the winners of our True Astonishments giveaway have posted their experiences in the Ellusionist forums. Like this guy. And this guy. Said Christian:

I thought the Paul Harris event was amazing. The people: That they would come from so far for this common purpose is quite moving. A lot of insights were gained during the time they spent at my place. Thanks for your dedication guys, and for sharing a piece of yourselves.

Big thanks to Tim Trono, of Murphy’s Magic, and to Paul Harris, who made the night legendary.

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