Amazing UltraGaff Deck Preview

January 19th, 2008 | Team Ellusionist | Filed Under Products

UltraGaff is coming within the next couple of months and you should see more clips demonstrating what this deck is capable of. Ellusionist put Wayne Houchin and Danny Garcia together with ONE concept: create the most powerful, inventive, outrageous Gaff Deck on the market today. They have both been going to conventions and various magic gatherings and performing with the deck, blowing magicians away. You won’t believe some of the cards you see in this deck.

It comes with a 3-DVD set (available separately) starring both Wayne and Danny and includes many specific tricks for the 52 Ultra Gaffs. More movies to come.

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  1. I can’t wait for the ultragaff to come out even though I really didnt see the card I know its gonna be crazy

  2. James Reyes Ulrich on:

    This looks so cool. I have a feeling that this is going to be the best Gaffed Deck YET!

  3. I know with the work of the brilliant minds at Elluionist, the UltraGaff Deck will get the results that normal Gaffs can’t achieve.

  4. Luke Malensek on:

    Yep…UltraGaff Deck will be the best for sure. If you want to see the card just stop the video when Danny shows it to them. Can’t wait for it to be released.
    My parents are nerds. Funny. Danny you are the best.


  5. Ron Ouwerkerk on:

    The current Army of 52 gaff deck has given me so much joy performing, just can’t wait till this decks comes out.

    Best regards from Aruba.

    Ron Ouwerkerk

  6. This is going to be the best Gaff Deck ever that trick amazing

  7. By the looks of this one trick, it made a miracle. Imagine what the whole deck will look like. Trust me, I own the normal gaff deck and its not as close as the Ultragaff deck. We have genius minds like Daniel Garcia and Wayne Houchin to make a deck like this. I am just waiting for it to come out so I could buy it. This will make my magic life much easier because the gimmicks are already made. No more glue and paint.

  8. a sure hit…. miracle on by itself… can’t wait to have one in my craving hand…

    ellusionist… release it very soon….

    philippines… here i come….

  9. Myles Sinclair on:

    This looks like an interesting trick – and has all the essential ingredients, – simple plot, audience participation etc., Three DVDs might be a bit over the top though? Unless of course they contain lots of additional material.

  10. Jamester Sanford on:

    Can’t wait to see a preview of more of the cards…………………..this looks awesome for us gaff deck enthusiasts

  11. How are you guys already saying “Best deck ever” and “Trust me, it’s awesome” when you guys haven’t even seen a thing about it yet? I don’t doubt that it’s going to be a great deck, but you guys are already talking about it like you’ve handled it already. “Trust me, I own the normal gaff deck and its not as close as the Ultragaff deck,” how did you make that comparison? Just because you know? get a life.

  12. i tend not to use gaffs mostly, becuase they tend to take the spectator out of, maybe it is real magic mode, but this looks amazing especially if it comes with 3 dvds.

  13. Will they appear in other back designs or only in straight Bicycle Cards?

  14. Anthoney Steward on:

    I am new to magic and have bought several gaff decks and a few DVDs. Street magic, Ninja. and De Ring, What would you recoed the next DVDs or down loads I purchase to learn some of the tricks I seeUsing the gaff decks I have, Black Tiger, Ghost and regular Svengali deck. Any advice would be greatly appreciated. Thank You Anthoney Steward

  15. James Kellogg on:

    hey does anyone know when the release date on these are or is it still unknown?

  16. Hey Anthoney Steward. I’ve only been performing magic and learning for about a year and the DVD’s you already have are great, but I’d seriously consider adding “Kard Klub”, “Mercury”, and definately get Shapeshifter because it’s a killer utility move you will use every day. (those are all great if you like card tricks with no gimmicks and gaffs, but if you like gaffs get the Ellusionist gaff deck with “Army of 52″ DVD and you’ll be frying peoples minds)
    If you like coins I suggest you get “Criss Angel Masterminds Coin thru Soda” or Wayne Houchin’s Sinful.. (same thing) I also recommend Silver Dream, Factory Sealed, and Revolution. (Revolution is another simple coin trick that fools everyone) If gimmicks are your thing, you need an M5, some elastic loops, and some gimmick coins like “Bite Out Quarter”, and Cigarette Through Quarter”. I got really carried away with all the gimmicks and it’s easy to forget that the most powerful magic can be fully examined before and after by the spectator. Coin switches are easy to do, but M5’s are so easy to be caught with, you’ll find yourself nervous performing with it. Now I carry a thumb tip, bite out quarter, some half dollars, 1 normal ghost deck, and sometimes a Ghost Invisible Deck. Maybe a “Self Tying Shoe Lace” and “Electric Touch” every now and then to really shake things up. Elusionist is due for a serious MENTALISM DVD but if you want access to like 50 new mental miracles get the book “13 Steps to Mentalism” or any DVD/book by Jay Sankey, or Richard Osterind. Most of the stuff I mention is available on this site or your local magic shop.
    Hope that sheds a little light. I have over 50 DVDs and more than half of them I bought on Ellusionist for the quality.
    Good Luck

  17. Hey , you only saw 1 sec of a card and you are saying this will be the best deck? Why don´t we wait?

  18. this ultra gaff deck looks outragous i cant wait. i love the gaff decks. this one will be great.
    sd two good minds working to make something that will blow the specs away.

  19. This deck looks like its going to be amazing, daniel garcia and wayne houchin are amazing…I have all of dannys tutorials and waynes, and I enjoy watching them and learning some amazing tricks!…cause there is nothing more satisfying than impressing your family, friends, or total strangers on the street….im going to buy this deck when they are released!, i’ve bought every other deck that has been released…and I dont intend to stop buying from ellusionist now!

  20. Is something with this magnitude going to cost allot?? Maybe Yes what’s the price you think is going to have??

    P.S. It looks really cool!

  21. Ok the gaffs decks are amazing…. But this deck is wonderfull I just cant wait to see the work of these two great magicians in one deck of cards… Im pretty sure thata Garcia and Wayne will surprise many faces with this new deck… I hope the release come soon … It will be good to have an actual date… Keep up the work guys and remember Dont give up on Magic Let Magic Give Up on You

  22. guest1001928 on:

    nice cards

  23. yo its in 2010 and i just wanted to say that i am getting the cards today!

  24. on:

    Amazing ultragaff deck preview.. Reposted it :)