Adam Grace: The (second) Ellusionist Interview

January 26th, 2009 | Joe Hadsall | Filed Under Artist Interviews, Products

In case you forgot, Adam Grace is a Renaissance man. He’s an actor who has performed on stage, TV and the silver screen. He is a pianist and keyboardist who attended Juilliard and has played with Gary Jules and many others. He’s also a stage and close-up magician who has created a few killer effects.

Maybe you have heard something about his latest effect.

Grace, fresh out of the recording studio with his new band, Truth and Salvage Co., joined us for another podcast to talk about who is producing the new album, how music influences his magic (and not the other way around) and a LOT about Ringtone, his latest effect (including the release date and price). Spoiler: When asked about what tech-savvy spectators might do when speculating how Ringtone works, Grace had this to say: “Good luck.”

Click below and enjoy the podcast.


  1. New blog post: Adam Grace: The (second) Ellusionist Interview

  2. that cell phone trick is great but some one on you tube said you needed a laptop with blue tooth campadable for that phone any way that trick rocks and ellusionist rocks

  3. Does it work in Europe too?

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