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FOUR POINTS: These non-magic books are must-reads for magicians

Sunday, September 22nd, 2013

When we dive into magic, we tend to choose the deepest of the deep ends. That’s part of the thrill of magic: This art is so full of brilliant secrets that we stay underwater after the dive. From books to videos, from tough techniques to performance philosophy, we swim so deeply that we grow gills.

So much so that it’s easy to forget that there are other kinds of books out there, covering a myriad of subjects.

All of which can help your magic.

If you have a burning desire to take your magic further to the point where you want to make a career from it, then you are going to have to be more to the world than just a magician. You must be a networker, a dreamer, a promoter, an entertainer, a worker and in all other respects a regular Renaissance person. Because of the nature of being a magician, more is expected of magicians than other people. We must learn to be so many other different types of experts and have command of many other situations.

Unfair? Sure is. FOR THEM.

The work that this art takes gives us a head and shoulders advantage in virtually any situation we can think of. Our members are more than just magicians — they are accountants, fitness trainers, attorneys, opera singers, journalists, marketers, restaurant managers and more. From the pros who have a day job to the pros who do nothing but magic, our members have a dizzying breadth of experience.


PHOTO CONTEST: Send us pictures of your Wreck decks, win a brick

Friday, September 6th, 2013

Those of you who have Wreck by Daniel Madison: You’ve already ripped up a couple of decks, haven’t you?

Figured so. Once Madison showed it to us, we ripped up a fair share of decks, just like you, in preparation to perform it. But while getting the hang of the tear, we noticed something: These ripped decks look so awesome.

Awesome enough for a photo contest.

Send us pictures of your Wreck decks. We want to see a deck utterly destroyed and creatively composed into a shot. We’ll pick a winner based on creativity, composition, cleverness and coolness. We’ll ship the winner a brick of one of our unlimited custom decks, so that they have a healthy stash for many more performances.

Submit your entry one of three ways:

  • ~ On Facebook: Post your picture to our wall, and make sure it has the hashtag #wreckdeck.
  • ~ On Twitter: Make sure you mention us (@ellusionist) and use the hashtag #wreckdeck.
  • ~ On Instagram: Post it to your feed with the tags #ellusionist and #wreckdeck.

Quick rules:

  • ~ The Wreck deck must be an Ellusionist custom deck. (Bonus points if you have the nerve to Wreck one of our rare decks, but that doesn’t guarantee a win.)
  • ~ Only one entry per person.
  • ~ You must be the creator/photographer of the shot.
  • ~ Image manipulation is allowed, but the backbone of the shot must be a Wreck deck.
  • ~ We will consider only the entries who followed all the contest rules and submission guidelines, including proper tags, one entry, etc. Following all the guidelines is completely your responsibility.
  • ~ Deadline for entries is midnight Eastern on Sunday (Sept. 8).
  • ~ We’ll name a winner sometime Tuesday.

Good luck!