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Red Artifice Deck Released

Tuesday, July 26th, 2011

Red Artifice Playing Cards - Now Available

It started with the First Edition Black Ghost – A deck made solely for artists and competition prizes. It wasn’t until five years later that the Gold Arcane was created, as a thank-you to loyal Ellusionist customers, and an award to those who were able to show their skill and knowledge in competition. Today, we continue that tradition with Red Artifice. This time, they were cards created exclusively for use by Ellusionist Artists, a Limited Edition of only 5,000. Since before their existence was confirmed, they have been sought-after.

The Red Artifice becomes the first Ellusionist Limited Edition deck sold to the public. 3,000 decks. No More, No Less. Now Available

Theater construction continues for Strebler’s Myrtle Beach show

Monday, July 25th, 2011

We interrupt this countdown with some construction news. A Myrtle Beach theater, which will be the new home of metal bender Morgan Strebler, is coming together quickly.

Streb gave a tour of the new Pat Boone Family Theatre, which is occupying a former NASCAR-themed restaurant (Magic beats NASCAR? Heck yeah!). The work is part of a $1 million renovation project, where Strebler will be the featured act at the new Myrtle Beach showplace. He’s booked for three shows a day six days a week during the town’s tourism peak.

The new joint is swapping racing stripes and checkered flags for a magic mix of green, burgundy and tan, reports Dawn Bryant of The Sun News. When finished, the theater will hold 600 and also include a Pat Boone museum, nightclub and more. The theater hasn’t announced an opening date yet, but officials say they are on track for August.

He gave a performance to the city’s brass during a press conference in June. Check out his performance.


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