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Dynamo’s walk across River Thames gets press for new show

Monday, June 27th, 2011

So far, a majority of people who get to see Dynamo’s magic are A-list celebrities and YouTube fans. That’s about to change.

“Dynamo: Mission Impossible” is set to debut July 7 in the U.K. To stir up attention, the self-styled hip-hop magician took a walk across the Thames River in London with no bridge.

The photos in reports from British newspapers, including the Daily Mail, demonstrate the impact. In one photo, a crowd has gathered on a bridge above him just to watch. According to the report, he made it about half way across the stretch in front of the Houses of Parliament before a River police boat — allegedly — picked him up.

Eric Jones joins Ellusionist as exclusive performer, product liaison

Thursday, June 23rd, 2011

We’d like to give a warm welcome to our newest staff member at Ellusionist: Eric Jones.

Yeah. That Eric Jones. The master prestidigitator, the man who reinvented and remixed smooth, the creator of Metal, Audio, the Ishkabibble Sandwich and much more beautiful, highly visual magic has joined Ellusionist’s staff as an exclusive artist and a product development liaison.

What’s that mean? Glad you asked. Let’s say there was a magic event. Something like the Dallas IBM Convention 2011, being held next week. And let’s say that Ellusionist has a booth there. Eric would be right behind it, doing demos, meeting people and showing some great magic. He would, for instance, hand out Red Artifice decks, Gold Arcane decks, first edition Black Ghost decks and show off an incredible piece of magic we plan to release later this year.

OK, that’s no hypothetical. That’s exactly what will happen next week at the Dallas IBM Convention, and at more magic conventions around the country over the next few months. (We’re serious about unleashing a new piece of magic, too. This thing is brilliant.)

Not only is Eric a brilliant magician, he is tremendously experienced at spotting talent. He has experience with corporate clients such as Coca-Cola, Merrill Lynch and Hilton, and he’s blown the minds of celebrities such as Kanye West, Dave Matthews and Missy Elliott. He is at the forefront of some pretty big things coming your way over the next few months, and into the new year. If you’re in Dallas, go see him, Peter McKinnon and Jason Brumbalow.

Read more about Eric in an upcoming issue of MagicSeen Magazine (release date July 11). Or check out this podcast we did with him during the release of Metal.

‘Breach – Signed Coin in Balloon’ released

Saturday, June 18th, 2011

Hey guys!

I apologize that I wasn’t very active with the E blog the last few months.  I was in a car accident a while back and was laid up for some time.  It’s only in the last month or so that I am starting to get everything back on track.

I am excited that my effect Breach: Signed Coin in Balloon was released last week with Ellusionist!  I had a blast working on the project with E and it seems to be getting some pretty good reviews. 

It was last year that I was sitting in my place playing around with a coin and a balloon.  It was through a lot of trial and error that I came up with a working principle that if performed correctly can look pretty amazing. 

The Effect 

  • The magician pushes a signed coin through the bottom of a blown up balloon.  The coin actually goes through the balloon.  The balloon can then be ripped open by the spectator to reveal the same exact signed coin inside. 

Everything is examinable. 

I give two types of handling on the download.  The original is a lot more difficult than the alternative.  It’s my guess that most people will use the alternative method as you’re left cleaner and don’t have to practice the “move” as much. 

I hope you like it!

Jeremy Bennett

How will you watch EMC? Win access with a photo of your setup

Wednesday, June 8th, 2011

Last year’s Essential Magic Conference set a high standard, and we expect this year’s online conference to be even better. It’s a three-day conference featuring lectures, demonstrations and lessons from the top names in magic. You already know the lineup, so you know you have to be there.

In fact, we have a ticket to give away. You could win it and get access to everything completely free. The only thing we want to know is how you plan on watching it.

Will you have a recliner in front of the computer? Will you send your Internet through your big-screen plasma and chill in the den? Will you secretly bring your tablet PC to your job and watch over work’s WiFi? Will you have a stash of snacks and drinks beside you, so you don’t have to get up? What will you use to take notes?

Show us your rig, or you in your rig, and the most creative entry will get this red-hot ticket, worth $90. Here’s the rules:


Copper Artifact coins now available: Add contrast to your coin magic

Tuesday, June 7th, 2011

The wait is over, Spellbound performers.

Artifact coins are now available in copper. They look just like the r2 silver Artifact coins, with the same Latin phrases on the faces, the same inlaid patina and the same sharper milling on the edges. But the copper coins have a glowing finish, like the embers of a fire, that stand in sharp contrast to the silver versions.

So think about this, coin magicians: With standard currency, you can change a coin into a different coin, but spectators will think that you just traded coins. When combined with your know-how and skills, you can make a coin change its color, removing the possibility of another coin. What kind of reactions could you get with that? We’re guessing crazy ones.

Arm yourself today. Copper Artifact coins are available for the same prices, and in the same sizes, as the silver versions. And if you want to learn how to do some incredible things with them, Eric Jones’ Metal is your starting place.