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Brad Christian: Why run if you’re not being chased?

Tuesday, December 28th, 2010

So, did you get the e-mail from Brad? If you’re on our mailing list, then right before Christmas you should have received a great letter from him. Attached was this video from an as-yet-unreleased project, where he talks about one of the most important things you should practice with your magic. Enjoy.

Brown knows what gets you randy: Mentalist involved with online series about attraction

Sunday, December 26th, 2010

We don’t know who Charlie McDonnell is. Seems a nice enough bloke. He has a popular YouTube channel, and the girls at Sugarscape are smitten with him.

But we’re looking forward to one of his upcoming projects — mainly because Derren Brown is involved. OK, that’s pretty much the only reason.

Brown will front an online series produced by the BBC’s Channel 4 about the science of attraction, called “The Science of Attraction.” In six episodes, Brown, McDonnell and Kat Abingade will study why we get all up ons for the people that make us want to get all up ons. According to the Sugarscape report, one of the series’ highlight features people trying to identify their lovers by only the scent of their sweat.

Magic and fortune telling collide: 1800 Vintage playing cards get great review from tarot reader

Thursday, December 23rd, 2010

We get so wrapped up in all of our sleight of hand, gimmicks and gaffs that sometimes we forget about all the other uses for playing cards.

Because we have ALL KINDS of decks of playing cards in our collection (including some tarot decks), this link stood out to us. It’s Tarot Dame explaining a system of reading playing cards according to some system of geomancy that is really way over our heads. But she’s using a deck of blue 1800 Vintage playing cards to do it. Diving deeper into her blog revealed her review of the cards:

Today I’m using the most kick-ass playing card deck ever created (for lack of a more eloquent but fitting term.) The Bicycle 1800 Vintage Series by Ellusionist is a deck designed to look aged… cracked, faded, stained and worn. The detailing is amazing, and the deck is just gorgeous. It immediately became my favorite playing card deck, and it’s the only one I’ve been using since I got it last week.

We appreciate her review, and we’re thinking about a trade: If she shows us some mysteries of tarot, we’ll show her some mysteries of Erdnase. Is that fair?

2010: A forgettable year for magic on TV? Not quite

Tuesday, December 21st, 2010

Judging from a breakdown by Jane Murphy on TV Squad, you might think so. She laments that David Copperfield, David Blaine and Criss Angel didn’t have TV specials this year. We agree about Copperfield, but Angel had season six of Mindfreak and Blaine had two new specials (although he didn’t film any new magic).

While Murphy didn’t catch those two things, she did catch a lot of great magic moments on the flat panel in 2010. Some things that we would add to her list if we were writing it:

  • Magicians finally got some respectful treatment on America’s Got Talent. The battle between Murray SawChuck, Michael Grasso, Dan Sperry and Antonio Restivo was classic, and how they competed against non-magical acts was even better.
  • David Letterman, Craig Ferguson and others followed Ellen DeGeneres’ lead and put more close-up magicians on their shows with special weeks. Ellen also upped her favorable treatment with her own Magic Week.
  • And let’s not forget how magicians have spread out to take on TV roles outside of simple magic shows. Lance Burton was on “Cash Cab,” Justin Kredible hosted “Cupcake Wars,” Angel was a guest star on “Rules of Engagement” and featured on “Cribs” and Blaine was featured on “Iconoclasts.”

Going for gold doesn’t get much easier than this: Order $75, snag a Gold Arcane deck as a bonus

Monday, December 20th, 2010

This is it: Your last chance before Christmas to score a great holiday deal. And this particular opportunity is golden.

All you have to do is load your cart with $75 of shippable merchandise, and inside your order you’ll find an extra glint of gold. We’ll throw a Gold Arcane deck of playing cards in your order — in addition to the other rewards you earn for spending $75. This is the first year these decks have been in circulation, so there have been a fair amount of opportunities to get them. But we had only 5,000 printed. After they came off the presses at the U.S. Playing Card Co., we ordered them to destroy the printing plates. So opportunities like this will be few and far between.

Limit of one deck per order. This chance ends at midnight Wednesday (U.S. Eastern). Don’t miss out.