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Practice your brand of black magic on Black Friday: Shadow Masters 40 percent off until Monday

Thursday, November 25th, 2010

What better way to celebrate Black Friday? It’s time to stock up for your own brand of black magic.

Called one of our best decks by flourishers, manipulators and magicians across the internet, our Shadow Masters decks feature a great combination of design and durability. So much work went into the design of this deck: Just ask designer Jason Brumbalow how much time he spent on the 10 of Clubs alone. (It was worth it, too — when was the last time you spent so much time ogling a 10 of Clubs?)

Now that the holiday shopping season is officially under way, here’s a chance to snag stocking stuffers for your magician friends or replenish your own supply. Until midnight on Monday (Nov. 29, U.S. Eastern), a deck can be yours for $4.20. That’s 40 percent off, which blows the lid off the discount normally given when 12 are bought. In fact, that’s the discount our wholesalers get.

The offer is good up to 12 decks, and ends after this weekend. So act fast. And, of course, your purchase counts toward rewards and our holiday contest. You could buy a deck and get the matching Xbox. Not bad…

Artists Interview: Eric Ross talks about Rizer

Tuesday, November 23rd, 2010

Rizer has been out a few days, and already it’s pulling out some stellar reviews and reactions. Before it was released, we wondered how it got created, so we went directly to the source.

In this podcast interview, we talked to co-creator Eric Ross about Rizer and how it came to be. While we had him on Skype, we talked about Election, Conspiracy, how he and B. Smith worked together when they keep different hours and what it’s like to work with Cyril Takayama. Oh, Joe couldn’t stop talking about the kinds of magicians who have no fear of ending dirty, so there’s some preaching in there, too. Enjoy.


Three new releases: Rizer, DGP 4|5|6, Clench

Thursday, November 18th, 2010

It’s not often that magicians are stopped in their tracks by something they’ve seen. But that’s what will happen after you see Rizer. You have to admit, with the volume of magic we see everyday, it’s not every day that our hearts skip a beat. Rizer made it skip.

Rizer, by Eric Ross and B. Smith, is one of those effects that look like real magic. After drawing a box of cards on your arm, your spectators will watch you shake your arm, and a drawing of a chosen card will rise out of the deck. Like a tattoo out of the X-Files, with a mind of its own, the ink will push out from the box.

After practicing this, you still won’t believe how it looks in the mirror. And you’ll love the black keychain that holds the gimmick.

This is a practical effect that’s ready to go again after about 30 seconds. The gimmick involves no magnets, flaps of fake skin, thread or other extra pieces, and there’s nothing to steal, hide or palm. And once you learn the secret, you’ll be able to think of your own drawings that can come to life.

It’s been a while, but it’s good to see him back.

The first three chapters of the Daniel Garcia Project in 2005 unleashed a compendium of magic that buzzed through the magic community like a viral video. Each video in DGP 4 | 5 | 6 pick up where the last three left off.

This three-DVD set includes 28 effects, including an effect seen on DGP2 but not taught. DG doesn’t stick to only cards, by the way — although he does teach some great card effects, such as his version of the Oil and Water plot and a modernization of the Paintbrush Change.

But he branches out more than any other magician we know — DG thought of effects with dollar bills, coins, iPods and rubber bands. And how many guys do you know that do magic with drinking straws, balloons, lottery tickets and Tic Tacs? Danny is a verifiable master when it comes to astonishing with every day objects.

Each video was made with the help of Paul Harris and Dan and Dave Buck. Each one includes plenty of live performances, and if you’ve ever watched a Danny Garcia video, you know your stomach will be sore from laughing.

Calen Morelli has been on a mission — through his YouTube page, he is working to design a trick a day for 365 days. There’s some great stuff there, and Clench is one of his best.

All you do is a simple spread flourish with the cards framed next to your face. (Pro tip: The more magic happens closer to your face, the greater the chance your spectators will remember you — and rehire you.) As the cards move by, seemingly on their own like the windows on a passing subway — all of a sudden a chosen card ends up clenched between your teeth.

Clench works great as a standalone trick, or as a good phase for your ambitious card routine. Or think of this with the bite-marked gaff cards from the Arcane Gaff Deck or Ultragaff.

You’ll get a lot of mileage out of this simple move. In addition to the trick, Calen teaches the Under Pressure flourish in great detail.

Thursday three-for-all: Three new magic releases will be available later this week

Monday, November 15th, 2010

This is going to be a crazy week of new releases. You already know about Arcane Gaff Techniques and the white and black Arcane Gaff Decks, which will be available in about 60 minutes. Here’s what else is coming:

  • The long-awaited fourth, fifth and sixth chapters of the Daniel Garcia Project. DGP 4, 5 and 6 continues the powerful close-up magic that made him one of magic’s top performers, creators and a consultant for David Blaine.
  • Clench, a new release from Calen Morelli. You might have heard some forum buzz about this guy, who has been creating a trick a day on his YouTube page. He’s legit, and you’ll love sinking your teeth into this card location.
  • A new project from Eric Ross, creator of Election and Conspiracy. This one has been kept under close wraps for months, under tight secrecy. Cat’s out of the bag in a few days…

Three solid effects in one day. We’re doing our part to help you earn rewards and win an Xbox.

Bend reality: Arcane Gaff Techniques and gaff decks now available

Monday, November 15th, 2010

Arcane Gaff Deck & Techniques DVD from Ellusionist on Vimeo.

Plans for the Arcane Gaff Deck have been in the works since before last year’s record-breaking release of the Arcane deck. Months and months of designs and ideas, including many discards and deletes, went into development. But we can sum up what makes this gaff deck a must-have with two words: Gregory Wilson. Three more words: Jimmy The Grip. (Long story.)

Greg brought some devilishly clever ideas to the Arcane Gaff, including one that won him a FISM award. The result is a gaff deck that goes far beyond your expectations, and a training video that shows you some powerful concepts.

The white and black Arcane Gaff Decks, printed in stunning clarity from the U.S. Playing Card Co., will fit exactly with your Arcane decks. And Arcane Gaff Techniques will teach you more than 20 routines and 10 sleights (many of which you could use with a regular deck) in gorgeous high resolution.

Magicians who want to get powerful reactions with their magic have always resorted to gaff cards. They are unafraid of using a stacked deck and have no problem ending dirty.

This is your chance to join them: Arcane Gaff Techniques is now available, including several package options.