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Eric Ross’ has a new conspiracy theory: Perform a color change underneath a wrapper

Thursday, September 30th, 2010

Y’all know us. We can spout some adjectives and adverbs like nobody’s business should the vibe hit us.

But there aren’t any words to describe Eric Ross’ latest effect, Conspiracy. Check out the trailer:

The word “visual” is so overused these days, but Ross has created an up-front, visual color change that is easy to adapt into your existing routines. Even if it’s not a card routine: Conspiracy can be used with anything that can fit under the cellophane wrapper of a deck of cards. Keys, business cards, movie ticket stubs, pictures*, credit cards, written messages**, coins, money, tenebrio*** or anything else you can think of.

When we first saw this, we were swept away. Took us a few repeat viewings before we could get back to work, frankly. Ross will get the gears in your head grinding when you see how easy this is. From the setup to the actual performance, they never see what’s coming. Beautiful stuff. Conspiracy is available now for $14.95.

*By “pictures,” we mean the old-fashioned kind that are printed on photographic paper, not the pictures inside your cell phone.
**By “written messages,” we mean something scrawled on a piece of paper, not that message of your undying love for some girl sprayed on an overpass.
***By “tenebrio,” we mean… eh, forget it. This joke is getting old.

Ellusionist brings Illosopher on board: Sean Fields will shake up the social scene

Thursday, September 30th, 2010

It’s not like Sean Fields wasn’t making waves before. Our resident expert in the most shocking magic on the street has already brought his unique opinion to E on more than one occasion.

For those who don’t know: Sean Fields is a performing magician who created Saw and Sick — both effects that have been seen on primetime. He has recently been performing like crazy at a Winnipeg night club (which we have GOT to get to, if you’ve seen the Facebook pics). He knows every cog of today’s magic machine. He is devious, opinionated and seasoned.

And he’s going to shake things up around here.

Look for his “Illosophy” here on the blog, on the forum and our social networks. In a nutshell: Sean is unafraid of the taboo, the verboten, the off-limits and the unspoken. He is here to help you be a better magician by simply shattering your conventions, twisting your mind and changing your worldview. That’s it.

Already, his first blog post is lighting up our comments. So read. Take the shot, then fire back. This is illosophy class.

Arrrr! Pirates! Is piracy good or bad for magic?

Tuesday, September 28th, 2010

Is piracy bad for magic? The debate has raged on for years, and will no doubt continue regardless of what I say here. The issue of piracy has affected not just magic, but all media. Television, movies, music, porn, you name it, it is being shared ‘illegally’ between friends and peers.

The issue of piracy is much larger than just our little cottage industry, so large that I can’t claim to know all of the issues. Because of this, I will stay focused on piracy in the magic industry; however I do believe the logic I apply here can be applied to all industries.

Personally, I think the answer is yes… And no.

You see, we look at piracy in magic like it is something new, something that only came into being with the invention of the internet. This simply is not so. Magicians have been ‘illegally’ sharing magic for as long as they have been buying it. I personally know a guy who has literally THOUSANDS of pirated videos. From what I understand (I don’t speak with this guy, I just know him), he has recently digitized every video, so they are all on his PC, but prior to that, they were all dubbed video tapes and DVD’s.

You see, before the internet, magicians still copied videos, and gave said copies to friends and peers.

It seems, from my observation anyway, that those that will buy a video, will always buy a video, and those that will find a torrent, will always find a torrent.

You see, the ‘loss’ of sales that companies often complain about is not actually lost revenue; these ‘pirates’ had no intention of buying the product in the first place. If they couldn’t find a torrent, they simply didn’t get the product.

The companies cite the number of files being shared as being representative of lost revenue, when in fact they are more representative of interest in the product. If 10,000 people download a trick, you know that trick is popular.

You see, I view piracy as free advertising. If someone goes and downloads Saw, and posts in on a torrent site, and 400 other people download it, well that is 400 more people that are seeing ME, my PRODUCT, my BRAND, my WEBSITE, etc. You can’t buy that kind of marketing.

What do you think? Do you download magic? Do you buy magic? Where do you stand on piracy in magic? Holler back in the comments section.

Keep it clean guys; lets have a good fight, but come out swinging.

E joins forces with the Las Vegas magic convention that will feature Ponta’s U.S. debut

Monday, September 27th, 2010

Ponta the Smith, creator of the ultra-smooth coin magic in Sick, will make his first U.S. appearance at a new magic convention scheduled for May 23-25, 2011, in Las Vegas. Also on the lineup are Wayne Houchin, Pit Hartling, Michael Ammar, Shoot Ogawa, Richard Sanders and Banachek.

We love magic conventions, but we sometimes also get frustrated with them. There’s so much knowledge available at them, but when a certain session doesn’t really speak to us, or apply to us, we start to feel like we’re just sating curiosity about how a magic trick is done, and not really learning anything.

So count us fans of IMX2011. The International Magic Convention is going to feature all of the above and more, but in smaller, customizable sessions with more detailed instruction. Don’t get us wrong: Banachek is awesome, but if you’re not a mentalist, you’d probably rather listen to Hartling or Houchin, right?

So how does that work, exactly?

“There will be multiple repeat sessions happening simultaneously, so at any one time you will have multiple sessions taking place,” said organizer Craig Mitchell. “Delegates will be able to log onto the Website, select their sessions and create their own custom convention experience based on their particular interests.”

Class sizes and frequency will be determined by attendees’ preferences, which will be filed before the event, Mitchell said. The lineup is packed with worldwide professionals, including some of the top names in magic today, and those who register early will get priority for sessions and seating.

You know how we are when we think something is a great idea: We get involved. Ellusionist is joining forces with IMX2011. Currently, registration for the entire three-day conference is $149. If you register early, you’ll also get a free $30 download of one of our videos, and an invite to an E-only event with conference artists.

Check out the early registration deal (including VIP treatment and what a Pro Pass will get you) and find out how you can stay at the convention for free, including your flight, hotel stay and registration. You’ll have to fund your own test of your absolutely iron-clad blackjack system, though. They won’t cover that.

Bicycle Blue Gaff for $5? That’s a no-brainer; check out all active promotions before they disappear

Wednesday, September 22nd, 2010

As many times as this happened to us, we know it’s happened to you: You whip out your cards and perform your own rendition of Crime (from the Ultragaff deck), and your kid brother rips that bleeding three of hearts out of your hand and freaks out. Nevermind that he’s been picking his nose and eating Cheetos with that hand — he grabs it, goes crazy and leaves green and orange streaks across your beautiful card.

Or maybe you’re at the club. You slay a guy and his hot girlfriend with Parallel, and the dude goes nuts, yanks your 6D/10S card (also from Ultragaff) and drops it on a beer-soaked floor.

What, we’re the only ones? Fine, whatever.

This is your chance to stock up and get a blue gaff deck almost free. When you buy any Ellusionist gaff deck, you can scoop up a blue deck for only $5. That’s what we in the biz call a no-brainer. This is a deck of 56 custom-art cards, which gives you a solid arsenal of effects with a packet or a full deck.

This sale is good only until midnight Friday (U.S. Central). Don’t miss out.

Also: Christmas is coming, and in addition to some sweet, new productions coming soon, we need to make room for the extra overstock. Our problem is your opportunity. And speaking of bargains, E Veep Jason Brumbalow went through and found all the active bonuses and promotions going on now. Check out this list:

(Remember, some of the coupon codes are 1 time use codes. If you have used them in the past, you may not be able to use them again.)