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Reviewers praise Rich Ferguson’s “This is Mentalism” for avalanche of advice, practicality

Tuesday, August 31st, 2010

Reviews for Rich Ferguson’s latest video, “This is Mentalism,” have been posted on the forums and reviewers are praising the video’s quality, variety and Ferguson’s teaching. Some of the comments we’ve heard from forum members include:

“At the end of the day, this is a really solid collection of mentalism effects that will hit audiences hard, but that don’t require a lot of work (method-wise) from you. There’s a lot of focus on presentation, which is really the more important element when performing mentalism.” –Kevin Reylek

“He comes off as a very personable guy who really wants you to learn the material. You can tell he’s not a magician looking to spill out a bunch of sub-par effects onto an overpriced DVD.” –Jason.Michael

“There are many useful effects that can go right into your routine. There are some old ideas that have been re-vamped, and Rich is great at re-creating an old idea.”

“What I liked about the DVD is the value. You get alot of psychological subleties, mentalism information and advice.” –FishSticks

“When I first started looking into mentalism routines they seemed boring and complicated. I did not realize how much easier it could be and how interesting it was until I watched this DVD. Ferguson’s advice on mentalism is great and sensible. He could have done an entire DVD over just mentalism theory and it would have been worth the twenty nine dollars! I truly learned a lot.” –Brandon Sheffield

“The real gems are the bits of advice on performance, framing and structure of the effects that Rich talks about. The mechanics are always simple. There’s not one ‘real’ sleight in the DVD. There’s a couple bold moves, but nothing is difficult. The real genius is the way he presents those simple mechanics. There’s also a nice 15 minute or so section with Rich just talking about different ways to perform and frame effects at the end that is pretty great.” –Christopher Thiesse

“The value of This is Mentalism is that Rich teaches you the nuances of how to perform those effects. You can watch this video just to learn the effects or you also can think about what Rich is telling you regarding presentation and apply that to other mentalism effects and magic effects. If you do the latter, you will get a double benefit from this video.” –RealityOne

Check out “This is Mentalism” for yourself.

Theater company turns to magic for fundraiser

Tuesday, August 31st, 2010

As is the case with many performing arts groups, times are tough for the Electric Theatre Company, of Scranton, Pa. But magicians are coming to the rescue: John Graham has organized a fundraising show to benefit the theater and ensure its season can continue.

David Zarko, the producing artistic director for the theater company, told the Scranton Times Tribune that the theater’s donations are down for the year:

“While we have gained both sponsors and contributors in 2010, the amounts people are giving are understandably lower than is customary, so we’re really in dire need of funds to cover payroll and other expenses for our first show … The average cost of one performance is $2,000, and revenue from ticket sales for an average performance is about $500. So, there’s a gap which is filled by sponsors, program ads, Annual Campaign, and benefits like this one.”

Graham is the show’s headliner; other magicians in the show include Bill Dickson, Tony Leoni, Denny Corby and Michael Simon. The show is at 8 p.m. Saturday at the theater, located in Scranton. Road trip!

Rich Ferguson’s This is Mentalism now available: Energize your magic with the impact of mentalism

Tuesday, August 24th, 2010

Your chance to grab street-ready mentalist effects from a master professional has arrived.

Rich Ferguson’s latest DVD, This is Mentalism, is now available for $29.95. It features 11 powerful, practicial routines and effects, including a number grid that always adds up, an incredible method of revealing chosen words and a poker game that you just can’t lose.

This is Mentalism will give you a solid lineup of weapons you can use to get in your spectator’s heads. You can do the routines as they are, or use the techniques within them in your own routines. And all of these can be done on the fly. The supplies, if any, are as simple as a deck of cards — no shopping trips will be necessary after you watch.

This is Mentalism adds the jaw-dropping power of mentalism to your magic. Your reactions will go from polite applause to silent, bug-eyed awe.

Artist Interviews: Ferguson talks about new DVD

Monday, August 23rd, 2010

Rich Ferguson has made a heck of a career with his brand of magic and mentalism. For years, he has earned repeat performances based on how he blends the two fields — bucking today’s trend of specialists (NBC marketed “Phenomenon” based on finding the next great mentalist, not magician, etc.).

The good news: His latest video, “This is Mentalism,” further explores that mix: It features 11 routines that he has been using to slay spectators. It features strategies and methods direct from his working repertoire that are street-ready and impromptu.

The better news: Mentalism doesn’t have to be such a specialized field. In this podcast interview, he talked more about the benefits of mentalism, how it affects spectators on a deeper level and how it’s more forgiving and resistant to errors. He also dishes a great technique about how one strategy can be incorporated into the magic tricks you already perform.

The best news: “This is Mentalism” is just the beginning. There’s another video in the works. Find out more in this podcast interview with the Icebreaker. Enjoy:


This is Mentalism will hit our virtual shelves at 4 p.m. Tuesday, Aug. 24 (U.S. Eastern). It will be $29.95.

Clips featured in battle; ends tonight at midnight

Friday, August 20th, 2010

Last time we had a battle, the blue Vintage 1800s declawed the white-pipped Black Tigers. This time, we’re pitting two card guards against each other.

Let’s get to the obvious: Both of these guards are our stainless steel, laser-engraved beauties. There is no functional difference between the Masters and the Arcane versions, so this is a battle of the JBone graphics. One was sketched from a dream, the other from a 48-hour Red Bull bender. One whispers mystery and secrets, the other screams pride and power. One has a hidden JB, the other does not. The contestants:

Arcane ace: This ace features ribbons of parchment scrawled with glyphs of an unknown origin. What language is it? No one has figured it out yet. Highlighted by wisps of smoke, the ace contains answers to deeply-held questions — if you only knew what those questions were.

Masters ace: The eagle emblazoned in the middle of this ace speaks to the toughness and durability of the cards it represents. Wings outstretched and talons flared, the eagle flies below a well-deserved crown. Oh, those might be naked chicks at the bottom. With lightning bolts for legs.

So far, the Arcane clip is winning. Cast your vote by scooping up one of your very own for almost half-price. Both clips are available for $9, but only until midnight Friday (U.S. Eastern). At 12:01 a.m. Saturday, your chance is gone.