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Jewish Museum to feature Houdini exhibit

Friday, May 28th, 2010

As if we needed a reason to justify a road trip to NYC. But this is a good one.

The Jewish Museum in October will unveil a new exhibit about renowned escape artist Harry Houdini. Entitled “Houdini: Art and Magic,” the exhibit will feature magic apparatus, a recreation of the famous Water Torture Cell, two of Houdini’s private diaries, historic photographs, art nouveau-era posters and recent works of art inspired by the famous magician.

According to a press release sent to us by the museum, the exhibit will travel to Los Angeles, San Francisco and Madison, Wisc. after its NYC run. It focuses not only on Houdini’s career, but also how it inspired other artists:

“…The exhibition examines how the magician has served as an inspiration for a significant number of artists. Their works, including video, photographs, drawings, installation, sculpture, paintings, and conceptual works, cite different aspects of the Houdini legend: his straitjacket, handcuff and jail escapes; his metamorphosis and illusionist effects; his magic props and techniques; his physical endurance and masculine prowess; and the fables about his sudden death.”

The exhibit opens Oct. 29 at the museum — two days before the 84th anniversary of his death in 1926.

Shadows for sale: Decks available near half price

Monday, May 24th, 2010

Summer is nearly here, and for many of us, that means it’s prime performance time. That also means it’s time to stock up.

We’re here to help. Until midnight Thursday (U.S. Eastern), Shadow Masters decks are available for $3.87 a deck (limit of 12). That’s a discount of about 45 percent, whether you buy one or a brick.

There are tons of videos of people performing with these decks. Magicians and flourishers love them for the darkly shaded theme and design elements combined with the extra-durable stock and finish. We’ve watched some incredible presentation ideas for that joker reveal, and loved the fans and displays that flourishers create with them.

Bottom line: This is one of our best-selling decks for which we have never had a sale like this. Don’t miss out. The deadline is midnight Thursday… we can’t say when they will ever be this cheap again.

First decks of Gold Arcanes hit hands

Friday, May 21st, 2010

The first decks of Gold Arcanes are finding their way to contest winners and others. Here’s what E webmaster David Mitchell had to say about them, including some inside info about the deck’s availability:

Stay in touch… we’re scheming up a great summer of contests with these bad boys as prizes.

EMC unveils pictures of set for magic lectures

Wednesday, May 19th, 2010

We never doubted the guys behind the Essential Magic Conference. According to a newsletter, organizers said that even though all 33 speakers were being flown to Ansiao, Portugal for the conference, that people still asked them if they were really going to show everyone in the same place.

Indeed they are, and organizers have released pictures of the set. It can accommodate close-up and stage performances, panel discussions, multimedia performances and interviews. Here’s a quick vid of the studio.

In case you missed it, we interviewed co-organizer Marco Tempest in this podcast, where he talks about why they decided to construct the studio instead of using teleconferencing software.

Ferguson, friend man up as mannequins

Monday, May 17th, 2010

In order to help you loosen up on a Monday, here’s some great vid that Rich Ferguson posted over the weekend. He and a friend hung out as an art project in a San Luis Obispo mall and… well, you know what’s coming.

Cool stuff, and some interesting info at the end: