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Party hosts could score free Bicycle cards

Tuesday, March 30th, 2010

If you like Bicycle playing cards, parties and games, you could be in luck. The U.S. Playing Card Co. has teamed up with House Party to offer select party hosts a package with six free decks, computer games, score pads and more.

All you have to do is promise to host a game night on May 8 and fill out a massively huge application that gives you a chance to detail what kind of party you would host. Here’s our ideas:

  • What about a magic night? Someone should host a magic party. Of course, most of us would probably burn through six decks pretty quickly.
  • Someone should host a party dedicated to Bicycle scrapping the new box design. Oh look, here’s a great design featured on the official Web site for Bicycle cards!

Paid gigs change magician’s views on exposure

Tuesday, March 30th, 2010

There’s a very fascinating and enlightening read by Andrew Musgrave, of Ye Olde Magick Blogge. As an amateur and aspiring student, Musgrave had some pretty well-developed opinions about the evils of Internet magic exposure. He took on some extra work into his performances to try to avoid spectators getting any ideas and sending them to the Internet for solutions. He even avoided the Ambitious Card Routine because he feared too many already knew about it.

But 50 paid gigs later, the ol’ ACR is back on his performance list:

There’s a certain irony to the fact that it was a failure to fool kids with the Ambitious Card in Korea due to exposure that led me to abandon the trick and take up exposure as a topic of interest, only to end up where I am now, no longer really worried about exposure and actually doing the Ambitious Card on a regular basis for audiences.

The post is well worth the read. What are your thoughts?

Oregon magician’s charity entertains seniors, kids

Tuesday, March 30th, 2010

Yesterday in the forums, RJ posted a video of Chad Juros, a cancer-surviving teen. Now, he is performing magic to children who are sick and has made his way into his local Ronald McDonald house to perform.

That got us thinking: Who else is out there donating their time and skills?

Our good buddy Lee Asher tossed us a link to a group that is doing amazing things in Eugene, Oregon. Since 2005, James R. Willis’ Magic For Life has sent entertainers to senior care homes and children’s hospitals across Oregon. The nonprofit’s motto is simple: “For someone who has lost everything, a smile can be priceless.”

Willis, a native of Oregon, has been a performing magician for more than 15 years. His goal with Magic For Life is to have a large participating network of development centers, hospitals, care facilities and magicians all dedicated to the same idea: Creating moments of optimism will inspire health, happiness, and well-being. If you would like to help Magic For Life, you can visit its Web site.

We love reading these stories. They make us feel all warm and fuzzy inside. So if you know of some other nonprofits or people out there donating time and their skill as a magician, please let us know.

Midnight Static: Meet RealityOne

Monday, March 29th, 2010

It’s after midnight on a … Tuesday. What the heck are you still doing up? You gotta go back to the office in a few hours! You don’t wanna sleep through Lost, do you?

Still reading? Yeah, that’s how we are, too. No one knows that better than Jason.Michael from the forums, and in his latest Midnight Static interview, he features new Elite RealityOne, a.k.a. David Shipley (pictured). Enjoy. And while you’re up, grab us some smothered cheese fries from Denny’s.


Smith mulls movie roles of magician, MIB

Wednesday, March 24th, 2010

Will Smith has a choice to make. Variety reports that he could either reprise his role as Agent Jay in “Men in Black 3,” OR … he could take on the role of a magician separated from his daughter in “The City That Sailed.”

According to the report, the 20th Century Fox movie tells the story of a New York street magician who is unhappily separated from his daughter. The girl, after moving to London, finds magic, wish-granting candles. Soon after she discovers their power, New York starts floating toward Britain.

The MIB franchise made millions, so the allure of that might be pretty strong. Cinema Blend reports that Josh Brolin, Sacha Baron Cohen and Jermaine Clement might be involved. But Smith’s Overbrook company developed “City” and brought it to Fox. Variety reports that “insiders” say Smith will have a decision soon.