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Bullets: Meeting Copperfield, magic fitness, money raised, chop cup conundrum

Wednesday, September 30th, 2009

Don’t worry. Although these bullets may blow your mind (especially the last one), they aren’t lethal:

  • An Essex, U.K. magician says he had a dream come true when he got to see David Copperfield’s private museum. Michael J. Fitch told The Daily (Colchester) Gazette all about the experience, what was inside the museum and the friendly phone call he got while in the bath.
  • While we’re talking about the U.K.: That auction we told you about raised more than £100,000 (US $159,900) for Shelter. According to this report, the bidding was “nail-biting.” An official with the organization said the money will go a long way toward finding new ways to get its message to more Britons.
  • You know you’ll do magic until the day you die. When you get closer to that day, magician Fred Reisz has an outstanding workout for you. The 70-year-old stays fit with a routine of power walks, weightlifting and biking. Keep on keepin’ on, Fred.
  • One of Justin Robert Young’s broheims at iTricks found an incredible video which shows a chop cup that, um… the sleight of hand is… I don’t know what to say, other than I’ve watched this 14 times tonight. Enjoy:

Playing cards featured in British exhibit

Tuesday, September 29th, 2009

Yet another reason we wish we could get to the U.K. more often.

Shelter, a housing and homelessness charity in England and Scotland, is hosting a unique exhibit of playing cards as a fundraiser. The cards, designed by artists from around the world, are on display at the Haunch of Venison Gallery in London. The exhibit includes many incredible displays, such as the King of Spades by Alexander McQueen (pictured). The deck is for sale, as well.

In support of its cause, the organization has produced an incredible video featuring a representation of the housing market and unfair repossessions. We love the use of Radiohead’s “Videotape” as the music, but we’re wondering why the obvious song wasn’t chosen. Too easy, we guess.

Returning member featured in Midnight Static

Monday, September 28th, 2009

Featured in this episode of Jason.Michael’s Midnight Static: A member of the Ellusionist forums who returned in July after a 2-year break.

Panc– um, Shawn Mullins, has been performing magic for about 5 years, but still considers himself a beginner. In 2007 he took a 2-year break from magic so that he could tour with his band, and for other reasons. Listen about what kind of gigs he’s going to be landing soon, the campaign Jason is starting and how he got his forum name of Pancakes10385.

Click play below to hear the latest episode. Or just download it. Your choice. We’re not the boss of you.


Podcast: Ferguson talks about Serial Biller

Friday, September 25th, 2009

We’ve talked enough about Serial Biller, the latest effect from Rich Ferguson. You’ve seen the trailers and release date, but it’s so much cooler to hear the details from him. Fresh from a European stop with Full Tilt (pictured above), Ferguson spoke about his latest release, how he discovered the crazy method behind it and about all the details of this video that aren’t in the trailer.


p.s. This is what I get for hassling B. Smith about making up a word. I made up a whole new frickin’ town: St. Louis Obispo. Find THAT, Google Maps.

Arcane will become known: Ellusionist releases information on latest custom deck

Thursday, September 24th, 2009

Bookmark this page and check it often.

Already you can see some of the details about one of the most talked-about decks to hit the market, including one of the pictures and a review from card master Lee Asher (you’ve heard a bunch of E artists in our podcasts rave about his Diving Board Double Lift). In the future, you’ll see more pictures of this incredible deck, some of the best flourishers and magicians in the business making them look even better and firsthand reviews from some of the most respected names in the card-loving community. We’ll also dish out some freebies and roll out a killer contest for release day.

Since the release of E’s last custom deck, we have seen a slew of custom cards hit the market. Most of them are pretty cool and a select few are downright fugly and/or hilarious. But NONE OF THEM have come close to the quality of E’s custom decks, because they don’t take into consideration all of the things we do.

Arcane is a deck made for magicians by the same magicians that started this craze of custom playing cards. We kept some of the best features of our previous decks and improved other features. We put more than five years of work into the graphic design. We improved our signature UV-500 finish. We incorporated unprecedented levels of quality control. The end result is a deck that defines mystery and magic; a deck that lets you perform your favorite sleight of hand, magic tricks or flourishes with power, grace and impact.