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David Stone’s ‘Window’ shatters reality

Monday, June 29th, 2009

Window by David Stone

Click the picture above, and prepare your jaw for immediate detachment.

David Stone, Jean-Luc Bertrand and Mickael Chatelain have teamed up to produce the most incredible card-through-window effect to date. Beautifully simple, incredibly easy and amazingly effective, Window is a perfect combination of visual elegance and utter amazement. In other words, this effect speaks for itself, and uses only two words: “holy” and “crap.”

What, don’t buy our florid prose? Fine. Just watch for yourself. (Warning: Link contains a mind-blowing trailer.)

Window is now available exclusively from Ellusionist for $69.95. It includes a killer DVD packed with presentational ideas and a precision, handmade gimmick. Also, we have a couple of sweet podcasts:

  • Stone and Bertrand will talk at length about their creative process, the magic scene in France and how Window was developed.
  • Download

  • Brad Christian, founder and president of Ellusionist, will give you some presentation ideas and talk more about the effect.
  • Download

Blaine invades your iPhone, to appear on ‘Ellen’s Bigger, Longer and Wider Show’

Friday, June 26th, 2009

The latest to join the craze of magic iPhone apps is none other than street magic legend David Blaine.

Blaine and software company Partners 1993 have re-created one of the tricks from his groundbreaking “Street Magic” special. Called “Street Magic: See a Card,” the app creates a virtual deck of Split Spades Lions playing cards on your iPhone or iPod Touch and lets you perform one of his favorite card tricks. The release comes a mere few days after Blaine asked fans on Facebook if they have an iPhone.

“This is my favorite piece of magic,” Blaine said in a press release. “It was pivotal in gaining my first TV special.”

Here’s the basic effect: You load the app, which presents a 3-D deck of cards on your iPhone or iPod, and present it to your spectators. They “riffle” the cards by touching the screen; you ask if they saw a card. After taking the iPhone or iPod back, you shake it, and the card they saw appears. The basic effect is jaw-dropping on its own, but imagine the things you could do with an app like that and a regular deck of cards. Our minds are spinning with ideas already.

If you want to see what Blaine does with the app, a little bird has told us to tell you to watch the Ellen Degeneres special “Ellen’s Bigger, Longer and Wider Show,” at 9 p.m. Eastern tomorrow on TBS.

Time warp slows down Smith’s thrown cards

Wednesday, June 24th, 2009

Holy crap, this is cool:

Found on The Cuso: The above video of Discovery’s Time Warp, featuring Ricky Smith, Jr. and his record-setting card throwing. We winced at the hot dog, and geeked out at the gas-filled balloon.

Blaine drops hint about next stunt

Tuesday, June 23rd, 2009

David Blaine’s Facebook page has been busy today — apparently, he’d like to ask you some questions. Among them:

  • Do you have an iPhone? (Funny… we didn’t see Justin Robert Young’s affirmative answer in the comments.)
  • Can you guess what his next stunt is going to be? It’s starting to come clear in his mind, and it is insane, according to posts on the page. Here’s another clue: “‘Here’s a riddle: No cage for me. can u guess what i’m training for, that’s assuming of course that they are still’-db” Some of the guesses are quite entertaining.
  • Have you seen the below video of him dancing with his nephew?

Angel sued by magician for royalties

Monday, June 22nd, 2009

In the midst of filming season five of Mindfreak, Criss Angel is facing a lawsuit alleging that he owes royalty payments to another magician.

Jacob Spinney, a psychological illusionist based in Phoenix, filed the suit alleging that Angel has withheld about $250,000 in royalty payments for the use of three illusions, which were featured in episodes of Mindfreak and the DVD “Masterminds Vol. 2: Self-Levitation.”

Angel, according to the above report from the Las Vegas Sun, is in Mammoth, Calif., filming for the latest season of Mindfreak. According to a press release from the U.S. Air Force spotted by iTricks (and has since been removed), part of the season involves walking across a minefield. The upcoming season will debut on Aug. 12.