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Amazing Jonathan ventures outside Vegas

Friday, February 27th, 2009
Photo courtesy Las Vegas Review-Journal

Photo courtesy Las Vegas Review-Journal

According to the (Ogden, Utah) Standard-Examiner, The Amazing Jonathan will be performing in a rare show outside of his regular, Las Vegas show at the Harmon Theater on the Strip.

Well, not TOO far outside of Vegas. He’ll be in Wendover, Nev. Road trip!

“This is a rare gig for us,” said The Amazing Johnathan, in a phone interview from Vegas in advance of his performance at West Wendover’s Peppermill Concert Hall.

Reporter Brad Gillman wrote this interesting report on the entertainer. It includes how he got his start, what happened to the gore in his acts and the thing that makes his assistant, “Psychic Tanya,” different from all the other ones he’s, um, hired. Peggy Higgins, the actress who plays “Psychic Tanya,” is featured in this Las Vegas Review Journal salute to magician’s assistants.

Watch Jonathan’s amazing psychic powers, and try to ignore all those revelation videos about how he can figure out who gave the lady the watch. They are all incorrect:

Tarantula available for pre-order from Ellusionist

Wednesday, February 25th, 2009

Gravity is the law. Ellusionist is the loophole.

If you enjoy Loops, Spider Pen or the M5, then Yigal Mesika’s Tarantula is going to let you have all kinds of fun breaking the law of gravity. Just watch:

This is so much more than levitation. It is pure, inexplicable magic. This device will let you bend reality like never before. The possibilities for tricks you already know, such as the Haunted Deck and floating dollar bills, will expand exponentially.

Tarantula is available for pre-order; it will ship around March 5. The pre-order kit comes with a training DVD featuring Mesika’s performances and teaching, the gimmick and a free deck of blue Masters playing cards.

Quick hits: James talks about India, Siegfried and Roy photo, Angel helping Howie,

Wednesday, February 25th, 2009

Why do we do quick hits so often? Because we love bullet points, that’s why.

  • Christopher James (a.k.a. Chris Schuh, pictured) talked about his recent trip to India on this Scrapple Sandwich podcast. If you can endure talk about “Medea Goes to Jail” and Charles Barkley actually going to jail, your patience will be rewarded.
  • Las Vegas Review-Journal columnist Norm Clarke, after talking about a photo featuring Siegfried and Roy, Jon Voight and Angelina Jolie, mentions that Criss Angel is working with Howie Mandel for a gag on an upcoming episode of “Howie Does It.”
  • This one really isn’t magic related, but The Associated Press reports that blackjack addiction is on the rise in Florida, where the game has become legal. A year ago, poker was the main game that led to gambling addiction; now it’s blackjack, according to the report.

Will Ledger’s final movie get showing in U.S.?

Wednesday, February 25th, 2009

Dancing about the Internet today are a few briefs about Heath Ledger’s final movie, “The Imaginarium of Doctor Parnassus.” The indie movie, directed by “12 Monkeys” and “Brazil” director Terry Gilliam, was in production before Ledger’s passing about a year ago. Since then, Jude Law, Colin Farrell and Johnny Depp have also played Ledger’s role in a rewritten script.

The movie, which is about a strange, traveling magician, has been completed for about six months, according to the blog Filmcrunch. However, Radaronline questions whether the movie is “a mess,” and if audiences will be confused by the end result. Both blogs indicate the movie will eventually make it into U.S. theaters.

Quick hits: Blaine in Britain, Sorcar honored

Tuesday, February 24th, 2009
Photo courtesy Getty Images

Photo courtesy Getty Images

A few quick hits to catch up from a crazy weekend:

  • David Blaine is credited with helping the soccer team Chelsea F.C. (apologies to our U.K. readers for our unabashed Americanism) get a win over Aston Villa. Blaine was part of a team building exercise assembled by team manager Guus Hiddinck.
  • Blaine was also in Britain for the Blackpool magic convention, where iTricks’ Andrew Webb scored an interview. In it, Blaine said, well, not much. He does not have a close-up show scheduled for 2011, but he’ll be doing something, and he’ll be very busy.
  • Yesterday, Bangalore, India magicians celebrated Magicians’ Day by honoring P.C. Sorcar, the father of modern Indian magic. Sorcar will also be featured on a special postage stamp.
  • Some good food for thought: Bizzaro, the Optical Illusionist, wrote an interesting piece about the difference between style and character on his blog. It’s worth a couple of reads and some memorization.