Connect with your audience and win big: Ellusionist announces video contest

UPDATE: There is a rules Q&A thread here on the Ellusionist forums. Questions will be answered there, not in this post. See ya there!


If you have followed Ellusionist for any amount of time, you know there’s one thing we consistently preach, harp about, champion, praise and wish there was much more of: AUDIENCE INTERACTION.

Don’t get us wrong: Showing your chops in a Web cam session is cool. You can get a lot of good feedback. But how many of us bust our butts to get out and perform our art in front of living, breathing people? That’s what this is all about, and we have just the contest to get you out there.

Do you have what it takes to be crowed as E’s PERFORMANCE CHAMPION? We think you do.

In a nutshell: Grab a buddy and have them film you perform an effect or routine. You can start out with a fancy intro if you want, but the meat is the performance. A pool of judges, including Brad Christian and Justin Miller, will judge the entries and pick The best routine will be named Ellusionist Performance Champion for 2009. And that title comes with some incredible goods, including:

  • 24 Arcane decks, Ellusionist’s new custom deck of playing cards. We’ll make sure you get some of each color.
  • A rare, precision-cut Porper clip featuring the Arcane ace. There won’t be a lot of these floating around.
  • A $100 shopping spree at Stock up on books, supplies or scoop up that new hotness you’ve been eyeing.
  • Your video will appear all over the place on Ellusionist’s Web site and social networking sites. We’re talking on our YouTube channel, Facebook page, front page of the site and more.
  • If we like what we see, you may see yourself on Ellusionist more than you know….

Ready to perform? Good. Here’s the rules:

  1. Entrants of the contest must be members of the Ellusionist forums in good standing (That means you’re not banned). Elites and Moderators are eligible, but staff members are not. That means Joe Hadsall’s gothic sponge bunnies routine doesn’t stand a chance.
  2. Your video MUST INCLUDE AT LEAST TWO GENUINE AUDIENCE MEMBERS! Trust us: We’ll catch stooges and plants.
  3. You can enter as many as THREE videos.
  4. Your video must include at least one product produced or taught by Ellusionist. That can be a deck of Ghosts, or Ringtone. It can be Two Card Monte, or a double lift. We’re looking for either an Ellusionist signature product or an effect taught and/or made by an Ellusionist artist.
  5. Maximum video time is 10 minutes. (That means if your routine is so long that it takes multiple parts to post, it’s too long.) There is no minimum time.
  6. The video must have been filmed no earlier than May 20, 2009.
  7. The person submitting the video must be the person performing in the video.
  8. Only one performer can be featured in a video.
  9. Videos must be submitted to the Member Videos forum on, and must abide by that forum’s submission policies.
  10. Basic video effects will be allowed. You can produce a fancypants graphic introduction if you want. HOWEVER: The routine must be featured in ONE CONTINUOUS TAKE. Videos that feature breakaway edits will be frowned upon by judges.
  11. MOST IMPORATNT: We’ll say it again, this is about how you CONNECT with your spectators. Your chops and skills are exciting, what we’re looking for is your ability to leave your spectators with that unforgettable feeling.


So, how will we pick the winner? Glad you asked:

  • Judges will review entries as they are posted. (Remember, with judges including Justin Miller and Brad Christian, you’d better bring your A-Game)
  • As with many performance-based competitions, judging will be subjective. They will look for a performer’s charisma, patter and/or presentation, creativity and execution.
  • Video production and quality will also play a part. You won’t need an expensive camera, but you won’t want to film this on your cell phone, either.

Get out there. Drop some jaws. Record said jaws dropping. And claim your prize. Good luck!