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Stained Skin – The Facts

Wednesday, November 28th, 2007

To set the record straight about Stained Skin, I have included a list of several FAQs that address the misconceptions and false statements being made about our product.If this product is not for you, meaning it doesn’t fit your performing style and cannot see using it when you perform, that’s fine. We’re not trying to twist your arm into buying it. All we ask is if you are going to post your opinions on the product, we hope that you have all of the accurate information you need to post an informed opinion.

How practical is the material on the Stained Skin Training DVD’s?
There is material on each DVD that is suitable for all skill levels. Beginners and experts will gain great material that they can perform anywhere.

Won’t 13 year olds look ridiculous with tattoos?
One of the biggest misconceptions about this product is how the tattoos are used. They are only a means to an end and do not have to be used as what is perceived as tattoos. The tattoos aren’t limited to being used on your skin.

Stained Skin is not just a force, and a reveal of the tattoo on your arm. Nothing could be further from the truth. The tattoos will go on almost any object… a plastic milk carton in the fridge, on a see-through water bottle, underneath the stamp on an envelope, on your hand, your body, your clothes. This is your chance to USE your imagination. Another fact to keep in mind is that not all of the tattoo reveals on the skin are perceived by the audience as tattoos. Just because you know they’re temporary tattoos, the presentations will have the audience believing something completely different. We have routines where a tattoo is on a playing card, in a card box and as just mentioned common non-card objects.

I see temporary tattoos costing as little as fifty cents in the stores, why are yours so much more?
It’s simple – you get what you pay for. These are realistic top quality tattoos. One tattoo can last you four days or longer. A four pack of our large tattoos will only cost you $7.00 – that’s $1.75 per tattoo. Even if you’re just performing on the weekends, one pack of large tattoos will last you the month. That’s cheaper than flash paper and lasts longer. Tattoos that you apply to other objects (not on your skin) can last much longer. Buying in bulk brings the price down considerably.

Are Stained Skin Tattoos safe for my skin?
Yes. The temporary tattoos are simply made from ink and glue. Every single temporary tattoo that we sell is completely safe, non-toxic, and hypoallergenic.

Isn’t this just a knock-off of Bruised?
Absolutely not! The Stained Skin tattoos were created in 2005 and were released as part of a special E llusionist promotion – this was before Bruised was on the market. Secondly, Bruised is essentially one effect – a reveal in the form of a bruise. Stained Skin isn’t limited to one effect and in fact it is possible to use several Stained Skin effects in one show as each effect is unique.

Isn’t this just a knock-off of Mike Bent’s Tattoo Tale?
Again, no it’s not. That is using a tattoo to reveal a forced card. Stained Skin is not limited to cards. The tattoos include a newspaper section tattoo, a portion of a dollar tattoo, coin tattoo and bar code.

Finally we’ve been asked why we didn’t credit “the first person to do a tattoo reveal”. If I knew the first person to do a tattoo reveal, we would have credited that person, however I suspect it’s one of those things that do not have an official origin. Doing a search through Whaley’s didn’t bring anyone up (or any tattoo magic for that matter).

What’s interesting about that question is that is was asked of Ellusionist on an anti-Ellusionist forum, when that question was never asked of Daniel Martin for Bruised or Mike Bent for Tattoo Tale. Just an observation.

Stained Skin

Tuesday, November 27th, 2007

Stained Skin LogoWhen considering purchasing Stained Skin it is important to understand what you’re buying and why you’re buying it. What is the effect you want to perform?

It was only natural for people to make a comparison to Daniel Martin’s effect Bruised. This is a very clever effect, but it’s important to look at the effect and not the method. What we’re really talking about is temporary tattoos and just because two marketed effects use these doesn’t mean that one is a rip-off of the other. You have to get past the temporary tattoos and look at the effects.

Bruised is one effect – a bruise provides an unusual reveal. It is versatile in that you can reveal a card, coin, esp symbol, and the ability to customize bruises. So in thinking about this effect and how you’re going to present it, you will need to consider how you will “bring upon” the bruise in your presentation.

Stained Skin, on the other hand, is not just one effect. It offers a wide variety of effects that are only limited by your imagination. Some of the comments that I’ve read were people impulsively thinking it’s just the reveal of a selected playing card on your arm. While that’s possible, it’s hardly scratching the surface of the effects possible.

The card reveals that involve tattoos on you go to another level than just rolling up your sleeve to show a tattoo. Holdout is the perfect example where it looks like the card has been absorbed into your arm. There is an amazing card restoration with the corner of the playing card restoring into the middle of the card. There are effects that utilize coins, newspaper print and dollar bills. These are really incredible and again taking the tattoo concept beyond a simple card reveal on your arm, but rather onto other objects.

Over the next few weeks both here and on the forums we will be sharing new ideas with the tattoos. If you have your own ideas you want to share, let me know.

Mike Super wins Phenomenon

Thursday, November 22nd, 2007

Mike Super Phenomenon

Congratulations to Mike Super who won Phenomenon on NBC. Mike was an eleventh hour replacement and clearly the most entertaining of the contestants.

In two of the five shows, Mike used Ellusionist’s 1800 Vintage Deck. The first time was with his presentation of The Haunted Deck, the second was a street magic effect with a written prediction.

Introduction to The Ellusionist Blog

Tuesday, November 20th, 2007

The first post on a new blog is always the hardest one to write. There are so many posts in my head that I want to get out, but I’m always at a loss for words on Post #1.

So let’s get acquainted.

I’ve been with Ellusionist for about 3 months now and am part of the team in several capacities. My primary responsibility is online marketing; search engine optimization, paid advertising, partnerships, those kinds of things. Another aspect of my job is magic consulting, doing research for crediting, obtaining permission if needed and insure the public record is correct if a mistake happens.

This is an ideal job for me considering my background. 31 years in magic, of which half of that was as a professional performer. 9 years in website development & website marketing. I know my way around both worlds pretty well.

Brad has given me a blank slate to work with. I’ll be giving you guys insight into performing, tips & tricks as well as news about other things going on in magic. With my previous blogs I was known for being honest & direct, which is what you can expect here.