1000 LTD Decks Going Out Over 72 Hours

May 8th, 2012 | Jake Steele | Filed Under Products

From 1pm PST Today, any purchase of 2 DVDs over $24.95 will qualify for a Free LTD Deck from a reserve of 1000 that we’ve been sitting on since their original release during our Annual Holiday Giveaway.

Not only did Peter McKinnon shoot, edit, star in and direct the above trailer for LTD, he also helped design the deck itself – and may have even incorporated his initials somewhere in there as well… It seems today may even unofficially be ‘Peter McKinnon’ day – as his collaboration with Bobby Motta releases today on DVD exclusive to Ellusionist.

The effect, called ‘Blackmail’ has already been called the Ultimate Mentalism Utility Gimmick – it does away with the standard Mentalism prediction gimmicks, and allows you to predict absolutely anything – from inside a sealed envelope, in full view at all times – no nail writer, no pen, no notepad. Just you and your prediction.

Also releasing today – Rob Greenlee’s newest effect. Rob’s first release with Ellusionist, ‘Ziplocked’ became an instant bestseller, and with Lockdown it looks like he’ll be doing it again. A signed coin vanishes with the pass of a pack of gum and reappears inside… with the packet STILL SEALED. The trailer is unbelievable – but it really does look that good. Coincidentally, Peter McKinnon also consulted on this effect allowing for a much smoother, cleaner disappearance.

So pick up these two new releases – or any other 2 DVDs over $24.95, and your Free LTD Deck will automatically be added to your cart. Want more DVDs? We’ll add more decks! A maximum of 3 decks per order.

These decks won’t last long – we’ll be amazed if we even get to 72 hours, so hurry to get yours while stocks last.


  1. When you say DVDs over $25 does that mean each or altogether. ThanksG

  2. Jake Steele on:

    $24.95 for each DVD. If you’re unsure – just check your cart before checkout. It’ll automatically add the deck to qualifying orders.


  3. Anonymous on:

    You can’t buy downloads and dvds and get them?

  4. There is a bug where if i add Photoshop and Blackmail. The LTD is not added as free gift. And if i add Lockdown and Blackmail, it became free gift.

  5. I just tried to purchase Lockdown and Boondock Mental but no LTD was added onto the free gift when i wanted to checkout. Whats happening? Its not even been 20 hours.

  6. Vishal Shah on:

    i put blackmail, lockdown, fraud, and stigmata and it still only shows one ltd

  7. Vishal Shah on:

    what do we do? the deal ends today. thats messed up

  8. I added the three METAL DVD’s to my cart, and a LTD deck was not auto-added. You guys needs to seriously fix your system.

  9. soo whats so special about these cards that makes them be worth so much